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My son Got his first deer..
durring the youth hunt this past weekend.. He got his hunters saftey 2 1/2 years ago, so the year he was legally able to hunt I had my accident. Last year the DR'S didnt want me to be out in case I was to fall.. So this year we put up a stand about 400 yards from the house, so I could keep an eye on him.. He got out only 45 min before light and spooked of what was there so I told him to get out there at 5 pm and sit untill he could not see to shoot.. And long behold just before dark I heard a shot, and just after he called my cell telling me he got a good shot. He wanted to look for the deer right away so I had him come to the house and we would go look after 20 min.. It took a bit to follow the blood trail but we found her, a doe about 3 years old 170 lbs dressed.. He was upset that he did not get a buck, but very pleased he got one at all considering the deer population is down a bit...........He made his dad proud and wed or thurs we are going to start wrapping and making sausage and deer jerky out of her... I cant wait, good old veno yum-yum-yum.......

Had to share...........Bronco
Congratulations on Your Son's First Deer!! That's the One He'll Never Forget! In Pa., with the Proper License, You can get a Buck and a Doe, is it Different in WI.?Wink
Yes here too, youth hunt is for buck but can buy a doe tag... Some times they have earn a buck so you must shoot a doe in order to get the buck. Some years you may only shoot a buck... But this is for rifle with a bow you may shoot either or and you may buy as many bonus tags as you want........
Thanks for the Info.!!Wink
well done.... I would be proud also
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

congrad to your son. How about some deer chilli?
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
RNvic ... Never had it that way, sounds interesting.. Have you had it like that???? Hint--hint-- any special tricks...
Unfortunately I have had some deer chili..only say that because my heart is with my deer right now... ...I know..I eat beef..and I know where it all comes from..sort of sad honestly. I got my hunters safety course done when I was 12 as is the law in Oregon.went hunting every year with Dad, and all of his brothers and a few cousins. Who ever shot the first deer...there went my Tag...thank goodness..I just wanted to go home and read a book or sew or do a craft or something other than hurt BAMBI. smiling... I know you are proud of your son and I am proud for you also.. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Congrats to you and your son. I remember my sons getting their first deer as if it were yesterday. It is a proud moment. I now have my grandsons hunting and 2 years ago they both got their bucks within minutes of one another. You can use venison to make anything just the same as if it were beef. My kids, Dave and I would rather eat venison instead of beef. Do you have a good jerky recipe? I use the seasoning from Wal Mart, you grind the meat up season it and roll it out then dry it. It's just like what you buy only it tastes better because it's venison.

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