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What is happening for Halloween????
If all goes as planned, I'm outta here on Halloween for a 3-week camping trip, RV style. Can't wait to get away from life as it is. Peace and quiet with no doctor appts. or household chores, and only family. Tongue Will return in time for Thanksgiving, which is spent near Yosemite at my sister-in-laws home. Beautiful where she lives. I love this time of year. Sometimes it gets cold. Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
We spend Halloween in town with some friends, the kids do "trick or treat up the street" sponsored by local business and then we go to a friends home for dinner.

Next door to my home lives a family with 5 children, I take them sacks filled with candy a couple of days before Halloween.

My ex-mother-in-law is the witch in my ex family, born on Halloween.

The witch title fits her very well.
Thanksgiving is the favorite for me too. Halloween we take some treats over to the grandchildren, see them in their costumes, go out to dinner and then home. We don't have too many kids who come around for treats anymore , they are all grown.

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