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Would you have surgery if
If you had no range of motion in your dominant wrist, could only lift about 3-5lbs and had to wear a splint forever, would you do that or would you consider a total wrist replacement?
A wrist replacement would give you back about 60-70% range of motion (compaired to no ROM) you could pick up more then a few pounds and you wouldn't have to wear a splint. Only thing that seems bad about this is that the wrist replacement would need to be done every 10-15 years.

I was curious and I know it is different but how about some people here who have had a total knee replacement? Was that a last resort or was that indicated at first?
I had a total knee replacement last year.

This was a surgery I wainted 36 month due to denials and delays. By the time I had the replacement I seldom left my home due to the knee being very unstable & being a fall risk. I had no choice but to have the surgery, and the replacement has changed my life.

I do have problems with the other knee and according to the doctor will at some point in the future have a knee replacement. I will put off the surgery until I have to have it.
If as young as you are, I would consider it. As I too have had a Total Knee replacement, and yes, I would do it again.
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I have been doing alot of research on it and it looks like something I would do. Now I just have to ask my doctor about it. With something like this I could do more then I can now.
How many surgeries have you had on your knee?

My first doctor told me I would never have a normal wrist again. Though a replacement wouldn't be "normal" it would be more "normal" then what I have now. I wish you could see my wrist hand. Plus with my doctor telling me he thought I was forming arthritis. A replacement would be something to consider.

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