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Over use
I hurt my right dominant hand 2 years ago. So for the past two years I have had to rely on my left hand to do 95% of everything, Lifting, cleaning preparing food, lifting my son up, everything ( you get my point) Needless to say my left arm, by my elbow, is killing me ( well not litrally but you know what I mean.) The other day I went to pick up my son with my left hand (he is 40lbs maybe more) and I felt alot of stretching by my elbow and also heard a POP, can the insurance company be liable for that as well? How would I go about getting my other arm checked out?
I have had pain in my left arm, (the muscle by my elbow) now for awhile and a little over a year ago when I mentioned it to my attorney, he never did anything about it or said much. The pain kept getting worse and worse and now it feels like a stinging pain. I use a great deal of heat, absobine jr(spelling) and it takes care of the pain for a little bit but it always comes back. I now am taking naproxen for my right hand/wrist and when I do it helps my left arm out a little bit but not for long.
I have a weight restriction on my right hand of 10lbs. So anything I pick up really has to be with my other hand/arm.
any suggestions?
ask your doctor to address it in their report.
while it's not likely the carrier will provide treatment right a way it can be used later when settlement is negotiated.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
When I went to court in January of this year, the pretrial stip stated now left for over compensation. So they know about it since actually last October, cause that's when I had mediation. The only person that ever did anything about it was a neorologist I saw also did an emg on both arms. But that was it, bit now I can say it is way worse now I don't think it is nerve but muscle.

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