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A fair rate?
I had an eye injury about 10-11 months ago. My lower tear duct in my right eye was damaged beyond repair but my eye sight wasn't affected. I still get eye irritation (like this past week). I still get some pain in the eye, which ends up being a headache, this occurs commonly if I do anything strenuous. My eye of course tears some as well. I had an option to have a fake tube put in my eye to replace the tear duct but was counseled against it by my doctor and frankly didn't want that surgery anyhow. So, I have been rated and they said 2%. This translated into about 3500 lump sum, 235 a year till 70. I'm 33 and it occurred in NV. I can have the claim re-opened if I have any related problems. So I'm just wondering if this number is fair.
the best way to know is have another doctor do a rating and see if it's the same.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
for an eye no not fair but in the world of WC it is most likely what you get.....
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It seems fair to me with the way that NV does there PPD ratings. I ended up getting $6300 for an 13% rating to my dominant right hand after 2 surgeries for a traumatic crush injury. Had you lost any or all of the use of your eye, your PPD would have been much higher.

Also, you can request that you receive your settlement in a lump sum because it is so small and to be paid out over the next 37 years. And still be able to reopen your claim should your eye get worse.

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