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Ways you have been treated since getting hurt at work ?
The funny thing is, I think everyone at work knows I really hurt myself. They just want to give me a hard time. It's just that when you are in pain, you don't want to hear that. Other than here I don't even like to talk about it. I guess I wanted understanding? Like I said I was a hard worker. I'm 5'1" weigh about 110 and I lifted between 75 and 150 lbs 30 to 60 times a day. In two years I didn't miss a single day of work and was only late one day (half an hour) because we woke up with almost two feet of snow. I guess I just wanted understanding and acknowledgment for the good employee I was. Yeah right.
ks girl I really hope that you get that acknowledgment of being a good worker ..

Me I got a nasty yearly review and a dime raise becasue for almost a year i continued to be the good worker and worked ... even though I hurt ever day ..
Even though everyone seen how I was hurting and getting worse i was considered a lazy worker cant do full duty work ..
Ever other raise i got great reviews since I cared about my job and helping the mnager make her commission better in any way that i could
I really don't wish pain on anyone, but then again if some of our employers and coworkers could just feel what we feel, physically and mentally, for one day I think justice would almost be served.
Tweety are you still at that job? If so I am sorry. You deserve much better.
At least i'm not working for my old supervisor... he was a TOTAL pain in the ass.
He wanted to fire me over having to leave early because of an abcessed tooth. The HR department, and the Plant manager would not let him fire me, and boy was he HOT. I got a super crappy review, and have not even seen a peny of my raise yet... and that's all before the work comp stuff.
I'm almost hoping that they send me away... I have another prospect, but with surgery comming up I don't want to chance anything just yet.
Avatar thanks to WINK!
ksgirl yes just off work since cervical surgery .... started as back but once my secondopinion seen rays of both areas it was woah you got problems in neck lets get it fixed ..

so when employer heard that somehow w/c dr said Im all better im all fixed and your done no settlement !!! r

Yes im off till the 26th unless dr says other or employer cantwork with restrictions
for life of me Im not sure what i could do with what ive been given
brace on neck till not sure when ...

Tweety....Glad you are recovering well. prayers are stilll goin gup for you.

ksgirl.......I don't know what I would have done BUT I do know I would have gone up someone's butt for that comment. Mean and hurtful.

I also have heard from no one EXCEPT within one month after the injuries one of my part-time girls called because she was told I quit and wanted to make sure because she wanted my job. AMAZING! what co-workers are told. I set her straight, not nicely, and put it to rest. Then I have another co-worker give a depo when he wasn't even a witness. He was TOLD MY THE IC'S ATTORNEY that I named him as one even though it is written nowhere. I specified in all paperwork and my depo that there were NO witnesses. I would love to know WHY an IC attorney can lie, BUT we would go to prison IF we did. So he slammed my personality big time. Nice to know what people really think of you when you get injured.

I'm sorry you still have to work for those people. There should be some kind of clause that we don't have to go back if we were treated badly by the commpany or workers.
I guess I got used to the managers at my company speaking to me that way. I know something should be done about the way they talk to their female employees, but I am in avery small town and most people that work there are just thankful to have a decent job close to home.
wow I just got thephone call saying until you can do full duty we cant have you come back .. i figured they wouldnt be able to work with restrictions now but that means not even when they get better lol ... Fulll duty

How long does it take for a neck to totally heal .lol
I haven't been back to work since my injury in '04, but I can tell you I went from being a Driver that handled a lot of the V.I.P. Moves in my Company, (Secret service agents, Heads of Corporations, Millionaires, Moves with many valuable Antiques, etc.) to what they feel is someone trying to beat the system and get a Free Ride!! I was very well Respected in my Co, before my injury, now they view me as a bottom feeding scum sucker!! Great to know you can count on Your Co. when you get injured huh? It's a shame how we get treated when all we did was go to work and get injured, by no fault of our own. Oh well, Life goes on, and they can go straight to Hell in my Book!! (LOL)!Smile

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