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Ways you have been treated since getting hurt at work ?
Lets each give ideas of how work changed for the better after getting hurt or got worse !!!
Curious if most employers CARE or is it about bottom DOLLAR that bugs them more
im doing ok post cervical disk w/fusion..

like someone said im not to lift anything heavier then a fork or the remote ..
boy thats tough when your use to being the cleaner in the house ... only have 1 kid at home and she tired of being moms helper for over a yr now ...
Truckster you take it easy I think the hardest part of all thiss bs is the fact things go so slowwwwwwwwwww . Im just waiting to see what hoops they want me to jump though next !

Truckster you keep it real !! and may you be as painless as possible Smile
I haven't been back to work since I've been injured. I was taking copies of my dr reports to my hr manager, but he said they fax them to him so don't bother. I worked at a very small factory and my hr man and I always got along well. No one from work has called or checked on me at all. Even friends from work. I never expected that. The few times I took paper work in, if people were out at break when I got there, I had to hear how I was faking it or how they wanted the vacation I got. It's just crazy! I work with mostly men and I out work almost all of them, but they acted like I just wanted time off. Yeah right. I can't hardly do anything, in pain most of the time and it even hurts to go to the bathroom. Sounds like vacation to me!
Sorry about all of this. I guess I didn't realize how much the people I worked with have hurt me. I do know that after the treatment I have received from my managers and coworkers I am not going back there.
This is kind of nasty, but one day when I took papers in the plant manager saw me (this is shortly after the injury) and he said to me, " You're walking like you got a big d**K last night." Those were his exact words. Now don't you think that was uncalled for?
sounds like some of the stuff that ive gone though too .. im a faker , i should just shut up and stop complaining since everyone else also has the same problems... IF its not about me then it doresnt matter .. yelled for all the hear ....even customers
2 weeks into mine i was asked to file hassarrasment papers against higherups... nowi feel like i just signed my rights aaway and they are allowed to continue with the same bs without getting company involoved ... thrid party
Havent heard from any co worker except two and that was far and few between, After retaining my attorney all communication stoped, I ran into a coworker from another dept last week and she asked me how I was enjoying my retirement, as that is what everyone was told (I retired ) Boy did I set her straight, My employer dosen,t want other employees to be aware what is going on. Did not realize that my employer had a Dark Side, had to learn the hard way. I would never go back to work for them again.
tweety00 Wrote:Lets each give ideas of how work changed for the better after getting hurt or got worse !!!
Curious if most employers CARE or is it about bottom DOLLAR that bugs them more

tweety your right that all the mgrs are thinking about is there bottom line i have not heard from know one from my job even the mgr is acting like he didn't no about my injurie so i have to fright for my workers comp. so now the people that was at work work with me when i got hurt thats suppose to be on my side seems to forget was really happen. but thats o.k i know God is watching over me so you take care and don't give up
It is so strange how people from all walks of life, race,religon and lifestyle once injuerd you are lumped into the same pile of BS. I have spent the past 23 years working long long hard hours and sometimes six days a week on my job to only be told that I am faking and just don't want to work. Only time people ever call me is when they hear that I have gotten fired. You dedicate your life to an employer when you are young and healthy and once you are injured you become a problem. So far the i/c has been ok my w/c checks come on time, but I just found out from my attorney that's because my injury was there way of finally having grounds to get rid of me. Not sure when or if I will be fired but as it stands now I may be up the creek without a paddle.
I worked for nearly 2 months after the initial injury, and progressively got worse.
In the begining, people would harass me a bit in all the "normal" ways that someone on light duty will get harassed.
But as time went on, they could see me progresively getting worse. No longer able to lift boxes of parts on my own. Obviously not getting enough sleep due to pain. They even whitnessed me drop a can of pop when on lunch break as I lifted it to take a drink with my left hand. Who knew that a 12 oz can could cause my sholder to pop...
That was the last straw, i called the doctor and explained how much worse I had been getting, and he set up appt next day. That's when I got put on "NO WORK" from the doc.

I think my situation was a little different. We have over 50 employees, but only about 20 are actually on the Mfg floor. They all see what's going on (altho when you don't care for them to, they have their nose in business that isn't their's).
It kinda helpped that when my injury happened, i was training someone to do that particular job. Also 75 or so lbs of aluminum makes quite the ruckus when it hits the floor! so most people where asking me if I was ok sight on scene.
Avatar thanks to WINK!
dipweed yes metal does make alot of noise but i was still told that noone seen anything .. only me getting up ... not the tripping ..

and yes most ppl seem to not want to get involved ... even when they were the one who noticed it first lol

Dont talk to anyone cause they all change it to fit how THEY thought it happened

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