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Returning to the surgeon
I'm not happy about this..........but the occupational therapist and my primary doctor have gained up on me.

The x-rays of the left thumb were not good and the thumb is causing problems with recovery from carpal tunnel surgery.

This morning my grip strength of the left hand was a 9.

I've thred to ignore the problems with the thumb....guess it's not going away.

I see the surgeon Wednesday.
more arthritis ?
It was an injury in which arthritis has developed.
I imagine there is some disagreement about that ?
It is not a wc comp issue and there is no disagreement.
oh, sorry. It must be as hard for you to to keep it all straight.
Cycler you must be a very unhappy person.

Must be the reason why you are so rude.

I tell the students I work with to use nice words and, "If you can't say it nicely then don't say it"

And that goes for you!
I'm very happy actually. Just finding the saga fascinating.
Must be your lack of ability to be a civilized individual!
Hey Bummer I love you......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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