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Weekend get together pictures
[attachment=627][attachment=628]Hi RNvic, There is the picture I took of the dog that John wants, will send it soon, I have a few more to post and then it is your turn..LOL
[attachment=630][attachment=631]Smile RNvic heading back to the boat.
[attachment=632][attachment=633]Sad On the way home BOO HOO.
We made a detour so we could take RNvic and John across the Wisconsin River on the oldest running Ferry still in operation in Wisconsin. From Merrimac Wisc.
We had a treat while waiting for the Ferry. and then on home.
Great pics Tuffy. I'm glad that y'all enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing.
We packed alot into a weekend, There were other things we did also, Like going to the Candy Factory, Sat nite to the Casino while the guys went to ride the Go Carts. We went to the Indian Museum and Trading Post. and bought a few Christmas gifts and each of us girls bought rings for ourselves Then there was the stop on the way home to buy Wisconsin Cheese. RNvic liked the cheese so much she took mine home with her. LOL Before the snow flys, I want to make a road trip to see RNvics new home. I will be going to the cheese outlet before I head south to her home. I need some more cheese spread........
I just love the pics of my old stumping grounds.

Glad everyone had a good time, that is what counts.
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