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what do you guys think?
Ok here;s the scoop, as most of you guys know my son is autistic,well I just got moved a couple of months ago and my son qualifies for a in home waiver from the state which means he gets to have what they call a habilitation training specialist work with him for 18 hours a week, so the company that provides this service trains this guy and this guy basically gives me a break for this amount of time. what he does is take my son to things like watching the local college football players at practice, just doing things like going to the park, etc.anyways my question is the other day, this guy says jonathan likes me to squeeze his neck and my comment is how is it that my son tells you this since he can't talk and this guy says oh he grabbed my hand and put it on his neck so i squeezed it , so i said ok show me and he does it and i watch my son flinch and jerk away from this guy so of course i tell this guy this is not cool do not do this again.when my son grabs your hand and puts it on his neck he is showing affection.so what should i do because i don't think this guy gets it.i did tell my son;s case worker and she was mad also.What do you guys think? sorry this is so long, halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
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........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

call the company and request a new worker and explain why, do not allow that guy to spend any time with your son, I don't think he is safe .
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
halftrak... my first thought was to tell the agency and then do not let your son near this man until you get some answers to the following questions:
(you may have all these answers)
1. If this is a government ran program, is the organization this man works for a contracted organization working for the government as a independent?
2. If yes to number 1, then discover what this organizations back ground checks are. Do not just ask if back ground checks are done? This could have different criteria ... ask exactly what steps are taken:

a. Do they do a criminal background, if yes for how many years back?
b. If yes to a, where is the boundry set. for instance, in long term care, if there is an voilence of any kind such as against elderly or domestic voilence they can't ever work in a long term care center again, but if they were put in jail for robbery, they could work in long term care. What you want to know is what kinds of criminal activity can be considered acceptable after community service is completed?
c. also ask them if they run a megan's law report? This may not show up on a criminal background if they were never charged, however, with a megan's law report, you can find out if accusations were ever made and of what nature?
d. Ask how many clients this man has had and if there was ever a request for a change before?

What I think.. and I don't want to jump to conclusions, however, is that this man who is with a vulnerable child who is unable to communicate what is happening when they are not in your sight has some unsual behaviors? If I were you, in addition to the above, watch for some changes in your sons behaviors, such as bedtime habits, clothes he now chooses to wear, consideration of you, and so many more that if something happened that is not in your son's best interest even down to a scare or something then he is unable to tell you so he should NEVER be in this man's company again. Just my opinion. Good luck ...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I wouldn't take any chances or allow this man to be alone with your son again and before you have someone else with him I would follow Red's instructions. JMO!
Halftrak I had served on the board of directors for the local CDDO in the past.

Most do not do background check, or they did not when I served on the board.

On the MR/DD wavier I believe what you are speaking of is attendant care, a person that provides care & helps integrate the disabled individual into community activities. My daughter's attendant use to take her to story time at the public library.

Most individuals hired by the CDDO go thru inservice training and have limited experience in working with the disabled.

I would file a complaint with the CDDO and request an investigation.
As a parent, you have to go with your gut feeling.
Let Go, and Let God......
Half, You have gotten Great Replies from the Others Above! I Surely would not let this Man Near Your Son Anymore, and when/if You get another Person from this or another Agency, You may want to have a Set-Down and let the Person know How Your Son Acts, and what it Means. Bu to Squeeze a Child's Neck and Say He Liked it is Scary, so Keep that Person Away!!Wink

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