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i live in louisiana.is depression covered under wc,if it is caused from dealing with the constant pain.thanks
Can you proove it? Mine was denied because Ime doc said, depression issue is not pain or injury related. On the other hand, ssi Ime doc stated, I am unable to work full time due to depression caused by constant pain. W/c refused treatment, lawyer appealed but he withdrew appeal because I don't have any other doctor's backup to proove otherwise.

Good luck.
My depression is covered by w/c doto pain "situational depression" meds and therapy.
I have all the medical records and support from my os. I know that depression can increase pain or decrease pain tolerance, making it harded to heal your body. Everything mind and body are connected. Best of luck!
5 plus years in the wc system thats depression
Hi Rhonda, and Welcome to the Boards! To Answer Your Question, some Cases allow Depression, while Others May not. If You have Failed Surgery, such as I do, and have Chronic Pain, Depression could and is Usually Accompanied with Situations such as this. My Situation being Disabled at 42, with a Lower Back that Can't be Healed or Repaired, I Guess if I fought for a Depression Claim, I would Stand a Good Chance to Win. But it's a Very Long and Tedious Process, and Since I Dealt with Depression before My Injury, I didn't Feel it Fair to Add it to My Claim. But if Depression due to Your Workplace Injury is Making Your Life Worse, I'm Sure You could try and have it Added to Your Claim, if You have an Attorney, You May want to Speak to Them about it, and See if it's Possible. I Wish You the Very Best, and Hope You can get Your Depression Under Control!Wink

To my understanding depression can be part of a WC claim. My attorney and myself opted not to add it because I suffered from depression and PTSD before being injured. The injuries aggravated it all but my attorney felt the other side would have opened my life up in a way I wouldn't have liked so I passed on adding it. I felt since it all wasn't work related anyway they weren't responsible. JMO>
some states make a distinction between psyche/emotional claims that develop out of a physical injury occurring on the job (physical-mental) and those that are independent of any physical injury (mental-mental).

if yours can be connected to an accepted phycial or injury that occurred at work, it can be covered
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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