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dont ever give in
to a set of cute dimples saving I will take care of them Nana "I PROMISE".....for my Daniels birthday he got 3 hamsters cuz the pet store said" they are social animals they do better in a group" he lied what he should have sais is....."these little things will mate their fool heads off....." we had a large fishtank that was empty so we got the hamsters and food and water bottles......let me tell you when a 10 year old shows you a half eaten hamster baby with tears running down his face you head for walmart to get another tank...he spent hours online learning about these things.....However he didnt tell me all he had learned.....so I put Becca to search out all the info on these hamsters.......did you know.....they can mate between having baby #1 and baby#2 and are already pregnant BEFORE THEY ARE DONE GIVING BIRTH.....Becca found out how to see which are males and which are females so the first thing we did was seperate them,,,,then started giving them away.....we of course told the same lie we were told about them being social lolololol...then a funny thing happened....we got phone calls ,,,,yes they tend to breed at an alarming rate.....no we dont want them back.....
Ya know God has a funny way of paying you back for doing stuff like that......do you know if you are sexing the buggers and you make just one tiny little mistake and put one little male in the female tank what happens? one happy male and all 15 females get pregnant and before we know what is going on several have babies I have a crying 10 year old cuz all his babies are getting eaten and welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll we now have 6 tanks of hamsters of which 4 of em are nursing their young...I am trying to talk Carrie into getting a small snake that is fed pinkys(baby hamsters) but she isnt having none of it....My cats are fed way to well to bother with hamsters....anyone want some hamsters?they are free!
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Sell the off-springs to the Local Experminet Labs for testing. Make a profit for the boy, and bank it for him.Cool
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OMG......I can't believe this......oh .....yes I can. You poor thing, did you really dnot know what you were getting yourself into?...........LOL Sounds like Bad Boy has a good suggestion for you if you could do this. As for myself, I don't know what to say except.........OH MY GOD! Poor Daniel, I hope he does not develop PTSD from seeing those babies getting eaten. That can be traumatising, give him a hug from me. Love ya!

Cajun Hugsssssssssssssss,
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How many does it take to make a meal........LOL.. Send them to the prisions.
God Bless You Jayne, You have Your Hands Full on this Problem!! I had One as a Child, (No not in the 1930'sTongue), and Luckily I only had One, and it was a Good Pet, until it got Out of the Cage, and the Cat Walked around in a Good Mood for a Day!!Smile
I'm sitting here laughing. I learned the same lesson years ago except I was 19, not 10 and hiding them in my dorm room. Little buggers are good at escaping their cages. You should have seen the whole 3rd floor of girls screaming and running because they thought it was rats!
Big Grin Now I know why I have always been afraid to get my kids or grandkids a hamster .Tongue I feel bad for the 10 year old. It's so upsetting to them to see any pet harmed.
we are doing our best to seperate and contain the little buggers on my piano is 3 cages on my china hutch is a large cage of them and in Daniels room is 2 gages of them...I am gonna let them go in the field next to ours if they dont quit doing the wild thing in my house
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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