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When does Workmans Comp start to refuse coverage
I have been out of work for nearly one year. I injured my back and in order to return to work I need a more invasive procedure. It was rod placement and an anterior and postierior spinal fusion at L5S1.
The surgery was June 3rd 2009 and although I have improved post operatively I am in serious discomfort and everyday is a challange.
I only recently started PT and its subjecting oneself to torture in hopes one day you will be in less pain.
There is no lite duty at the veterinary hospital I work at as I am a certified veterinary technician. There is no way I have the strength,ability or stamina to get through a day. My surgeon mentioned at the next visit which is 2 weeks away we will start to think about when I can expect to return to work.
This concerns me...should I be in less pain? Is this suppose to be better? My job as a CVT is what I love to do. To wake up everyday knowing Im going to use my skills and knowledge for the good of animals is worth waking up for everyday. I am very good at my job and so desperately want to go back to the field. I just have to get through this but I am finacially ruined. Having to pay for health insurance nearly cuts that weekly wc nearly cuts the check in half.

Thanks for listening people!
it's little late but you can think about a second opinion.
you may benefit from rehabilitation counseling. they might be able to find/recommend lighter work in a similar profession.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I have a repetitive-motion injury, and my doctor wrote up permanent restrictions (10-minute stretch breaks every hour when doing the bar-code-scanner-based data entry which caused this whole mess) when he declared me P&S. This has been quite a while ago; I do not know the date offhand. Today, all of a sudden, my supervisor (or some unknown manager in the deep bureaucracy) is saying that they will have to charge me vacation or sick leave for each of these stretch breaks.

1. Can they do this?

2. Can they do this at this late date?

I am in California.
there is nothing in work comp law that requires an employer to pay you for extra break time.
you are entitled to disability for permanent impairment.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thank you for your reply.
Are you receiving coverage from WC for your meds?
backache Wrote:Are you receiving coverage from WC for your meds?
I am not taking meds. This was a jacked-up trapezius until I started doing stretches. Now, it's a twisted muscle which is tolerable because I do stretches. When I take ibuprofen for something else, it helps the knot somewhat; but it doesn't help enough when measured against the side effects.

(I presume this question was directed to the general readership and uses the general "you." I am answering for myself, to offer one perspective.)
It sounds as though you had a 360 fusion type surgery. I understand your not taking medications at the time, but they very well may help you get through PT much better, which will show you better results in the end. The healing for your surgery is up to or about 1 full year. As many people might return to work, with some pain, and discomfort after work, taking a medication after work may help also. returning to work, even light duty, helps you stay active and want to keep you thinking you can work. It's good practice, and your doctor will monitor you.

For right now, I will tell you this, walking as much as you can, will be your best friend in the long run.
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Interesting. The union had been totally useless with another workers'-comp issue. . . .

However, I mentioned something to a work friend about management's having taken away my stretch breaks. She marched me over to our union rep, and it appears that something positive may happen. Ooh. Shy
Aniak, You May want to Start a Thread of Your Own, this Thread was Started by another Poster, and I don't know Who is Answering Who, and the Original Poster Deserves the Help on this Thread, By Starting Your Own, it will be Clearer Who is Replying to Who!!Wink

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