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I got my facet injections yesterday
I got my facets injected yesterday, even thou I did not want to go through the same misery as I did on the last injections.. I went smoothly not as much pain as the last time.. I took this morning off due to DRS orders, but went to bed in a bit of pain but woke up feeling better.. Now this was thier last hope to find the problem and my fingures are crossed and hope this relieves some more pain... I am begining to think my surgeon was correct as to never going to get rid of the pain with all the hardware still left inside me.... ( in which he refuses to atempt to remove).... The pain clinic has me going to a sych dr to determine if I am a canidate for opiats for they think thats my last option........

Well before the injection the nurse noted I checked bladder problems... ( I shouldnt be sharing this but we all have our problems.)
I had to explain problem and which after I have sit while driving for a long period of time when I stand up I sometimes can hardly get to a bathroom in time... It's not on a daily basis, I have found my own remidies to control the problem. The main problem is ever since the trama to the pelvis I cant tell some times when its full.... Even though I broke half of it right off including bones in front I never ruptured the bladder but had to have 2 hematomas drained from behind it.......

Now that I have bored you's with that........LOL...

I now have to see another DR for they feel it is relating to my injury and has to be checked asap..... Now thats 5 drs involved in my wc situation with all agreeing it is all related to the wc injury... Now imagine this. back in JAN 2009 ncm wanted my drs to place me at mmi.. All the problems that are showing up now I would of had to fight for treatment.....
Just thought I would share along with vent at the same time......LOL........Bronco
Bronco- had 14 doctors with my arm and now have 14 with renal.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Bronco keep a jug handy.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

You know as I read thru differant posts on here I wonder what I would be like to have only one problem to deal with. Seems like most of the time we start out with one thing injuried but it never ends there.
Bronco, I do hope the injections help you. It is good to have a positive attitude towards these things knowing that they may or may not help. Learning to live with a life alterning injury can be very difficult and it is a good thing to talk to a psych dr. to learn coping skills and possible get medications that could help.

See a Urologist about your bladder problem. Could possibly offer some help to you.
Let Go, and Let God......
Jayne LOL.. Jug are you kidding me I cut a hole through the floor of my truck have a long radiator hose with a wide funnel..........LOL....

As time has gone by more things have popped up and glad they are now instead of later... I can and try to make the best of things in life but I feel a bit less satisfied lately and I think my pm dr notices the signs... When time goes by and like the other day I had a flat tire, now before that was a 5 to 10 min job more like 30 min now.. Just cant stay in that position without having severe pain and have to sit down and wait for relief.... I used to do a lot of atving and now have to face the idea that my body just cant take the jarring... Do I get depressed.....Why hell ya, its somthing I have always been able to do and now just cant do it....

But on the serious side I think I'm dealing with it fine, every body has good and bad days. But even though it has been only 32 hours since injection I have felt alot of relief like about 40%.. Now I pray it last and wich means the diag test helped so maybe they have hope for new treatment...

I think it was jayne who had posted someones pain level scale.. And I use it for my pm, they have me fill out a sheet every visit.. And it asks where is your pain level at today..... This last time I gave it a better understanding and labled every injured part seperate... 4 lowerback 3 hip 2 front pelvis 4 but pain... All increase during work... Because they always ask where my level is... And I'm thinking to my self which dam part...... A bit long --I know....

Thanks for listening-(reading).............Bronco
I think it was BBBB pain scale....believe it or not the hardest thing for me was giving up our milk cows...it was a quiet time for me in the barn milking and then straining the milk......it was the beginning and the end of my day.....now there is no start or finish its just sleep when you can and get thru another day.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Bronco, I Hope the Shots are Effective, and Trust Me, I know about the Bladder Problems. I Deal with Constipation, and it Causes Bladder Problems, and they are no Fun! Giving Up what We Love to do is Hard also, I Hunted Bear at One Camp, (Also went there for First Week of Trout), Deer at another, had to Give Up My Motorcycle and the Two Trips to another Friends Camp a Year, I can't cut My Grass anymore which I Loved to do, but what I think I miss the Most is being able to be around People. I Used to Belong to a Couple of Clubs, (I still Belong to the Hunting Club but Only go Once a Year to Pay Dues) I was a Very Outgoing Person Before My Injury, now the Pain has Me just about Locked Up in My Home, no More than an Hour or Two Out anymore. That Surely Does Help Depression to Creep In. My Best to You, and I Hope these Shots give You More Driving Time!!Wink
Thanks Everyone.......

Im still feeling half way good today it was an easy delivery day ... I was offered a different run which paid $400. more a-week and almost took the offer.. But it was 80 miles longer and that much extra time would just make me more sore... I guess time will tell, now that the busy times (tourist) are gone things will get easier.. I really want to wait untill my son is 18 before I call it quits and will try my hardest to cope.. My boss is very understanding and knows I have a full plate and if I can make 2 years my son can have the route as long as I provide the ins for truck... The company has changed a lot of contracts after my accident to clearly keep away of liability issues..
I also had the facet joint injections Bronco. They went in from the side right under my ear where the jaw bones meet. The left wasn't so bad but whatever he hit on the right hurt like an SOB and I was in bad pain with that one for about 2 weeks. He has done 4 levels on each side and is trying his best to get authorization to do the remaining levels on both sides.

The injections did help me for awhile. I guess now they want use the radio wave thingie to burn the nerves to relieve the pain. I don't see that happening since I'm moving but I just wanted to let you know that I feel for you and have you in my prayers. I hope this will bring you even more relief and that you don't have to start on the opiods.

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