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Investigator Questions- Oregon
So, my brother in law has now been injured for the 2nd time at work. It is basically the same injury as the first time, which was about 4 years ago, and his employer basically fought the injury the whole time so he had to pay out of pocket and ended up only getting reimbursed for his co-pays. This time around he has a co-worker who was a witness to the injury who also happens to be a good friend. The investigator called the witness to interview him and after he told the investigator what happened the investigator started asking personal questions about my bro-in-law such as: Has he filed bankruptcy lately? Is he a drug user? Did he recently get kicked out of his home?
My brother in law did file bankruptcy about a year ago but this was to save his credit due to a recent divorce- it has nothing to do with the current situation- he also did recently get evicted although it was an illegal eviction which he got a lawyer for, fought and ended up moving out on his own terms, so it is completely irrelevant. His employer knows all of these things about him so the thought is that the employer specifically put these ideas into the investigators head because he is trying to fight the claim yet again. Are these questions even legal for the investigator to ask and is it just time to get a lawyer? Thanks for any help you can give!!
if they are already playing dirty..its gonna get worse as it goes on a lawyer may help
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I have never heard of any question being illegal to ask.

If you look at the questions that were asked. They make sence ( at least to me). Some people have this fairy tale view that they will get rich off WC. If they were a drug user. they may think that they can get alot of money for thier claim. If someone was evicted or filed bankrupcy. They think they will get rich off WC and pay thier bills.

Chances are the investigator got the info. from the employer or the IC. I think if you look at the situation from the other side. you will see where my coments come from.

He can always get a lawyer. the lawyer will charge a percentage of the benifits the lawyer gets for your brother. I don't see anyway the lawyer will be able to stop the investigator. Meaning it could be a waste of money. Atleast your brother knows he is being investigated. That is valuable information.

Take Care
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