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YAHHH for Kate
Northern please! lol!
Tuffy Wrote:Will send you something to keep your hands occupied, Northern or Scott???????????
Kate, as a former smoker, I know you can do it and quit for good. I also tried at least five times to quit, four times cold turkey, but it never worked for me.
Finally I quit three years ago after 32 years of smoking, with the patches and with the help of my dog. The first two/three weeks were horrible, but when I got the urge for a cigarette, I just grabed my dog and run around the block, even 11 pm sometimes. I am glad I don't smoke anymore, but I still have a bad habit...chewing gums.

It would be kind of hard for Kate to run with a dog, But maybe she could grab Admin and they could run around the block together. I bet his wife would like to see him running. Or then there is always running up and down the stairs. LOL If Admin will unlock and let her out of the restroom......
Kate the first week I quit I spent the week washing walls and windows taking down curtains and washing and ironing them I also splurged and had my car detailed.....I stayed in places that didnt allow you to smoke....My Honey was overseas it was during desert storm I didnt tell him what I was doing needless to say he knew the minute he kissed me hello at the airport.....it was the fastest we ever made the trip from Tampa airport to base............mmmmmmmmmmmm great memories that day.....good luck and just think of all the money you will save!!!!!!!!!!!!!
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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