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claim closed
Thank you All for the kind words regarding my sister's death. I just don't know anymore how to deal with all of these blows what I am getting lately.

I spoke with lawyer's assistant today and I heard nothing good regarding my claim.
They don't think it is worth spending more money on doctors opinion regarding what type of work can I do. Since my own doctor agreed that I can do at least one of the jobs what voc counselor recommended(receptionist), lawyer doesn't think I have a good chance fighting this. Also, they are withdrawing the depression appeal from the Board because they say, it is almost impossible to prove my depression has anything to do with my injuries or the pain.
To top it up, the last IME gave me ZERO impairment rating, overriding the previous IME's ratings of 5% on both hands. I never had any ratings done by my doctors and the current one doesn't do this. Previously, lawyer told me, even this 5% rating was ridicoulus due to the five surgeries what I had on both hands and will see to it that I get a fair rating. Now the most what they are willing to do is try to get a rating with an AMA doctor on whom both sides agree becasue it wouldn't cost any money.

On the vocational issue, they might be able to protest the transferable skill(receptionist) issue if I contact all five employers in the labor market survey and can prove, they require more skills than what I have, mainly working knowledge of Excel, Quickbook etc. But I was told they had many many clients protesting vocational outcome but only one won the case in the past.

I don't know anymore what to think, is my lawyer selling me out or I just don't have a good case. Since 2006 I couldn't even get any treatment and I didn't have either insurance or money to try to find a good doctor who would back me up. Lawyer found me my current doctor who lost a court case for me in 2007 regarding some of my trigger finger issues because he didn't even know I wasn't working and was found not credible by the judge. This doctor also thinks, my problems with the arms, fingers, shoulders are not carpal tunnel related, but the bulging discs in my neck which was found not injury related.

So here I am thinking, finally they broke me after five long years because I just don't have any more strenght to fight. I could try to find an other lawyer but not sure if any would take my case. An other lawyer(my daughter's boss) told me, maybe I should try to get a job as a receptionist and if I can't do it than I can re-open my claim.
At least one good thing is that I got the SSDI in June so I have a little income and Medicare. On this issue, I have to do some research, since I am thinking trying to find at least a part time job, but not sure how much can I earn without loosing the SSDI or get penalized.


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