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Admin & Cycler - Problems In The Workplace
Cycler & Admin

There has been discussion on another thread about problems with work comp.

I wanted to give this subject it’s own thread & share another part of the work comp problem along with my story.

In my opinion the lack of training of staff to help ensure a safe working environment is a huge problem in the work place.

I will give an example:
I worked at a child developmental center; the center consisted of 9 classrooms. Children that attended the center were ages 2 months-ll yrs. The center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

I worked for the center for 13 yrs and many times observed young teachers lift a child from the floor with legs straight & bending at the waist, placing themselves at risk for a back injury.

I approached my boss several times about having staff training provided by a physical therapist on safe lifting techniques. I was told there were better things to spend money on.

I do not know how many teachers have been injured at the center over the years but the year I was injured I was the 2nd out of 4 teachers with a work injury.
Two teachers had back injuries, one teacher had back & bilateral knee injury, and one cervical & head injury.

My husband has the same issue at work, of the warehouse workers 3 have been injured this year, all back injuries. The manager does not see the value of providing training on proper lifting techniques.

My husband is a co-owner of this business and understands what I am saying when I speak of staff training but can't get the other owner (his brother) or warehouse manager to understand

Bummer Knees
I also was injured because my boss didnt want to spend the money for smaller dollys..we had large dollys to move furniture but had asked for smaller dollys that are used to move boxes(look more like a small moving table)....after I was injured 2 new ones showed up...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I guess the "better things" for your employer were your claims costs..... Not.

there has been a tremendous amount of effort trying to develop ways of incentivizing good behavior; in this case loss control and safety.

some states, and and some carriers, and some employers get the message. others not so much.

most states that do have an experience rating component in the employers premium calculation limit it to large employers. smaller employers rarely get reduced pricing for such programs.

hopefully all of us have trained for a natural disaster and are prepared for that unforseen event...?

I'm sure bummer was well prepared ahead of time for the effects of a work injury....

it's very hard to see the consequences ahead of time even when we've been alerted.
human nature is difficult to change.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
you know 1171 I would agree except I worked for the Salvation Army..they more than most should be prepared....they spent alot of money training us for natural disasters..I could have with an hours notice feed 2000 people....I had the contacts and the supplies to do so...they could do all this but not buy a 40 dollar dolly.....they couldnt see the forest for the trees.....Salvation army is very stingy with its money..90% of any money donated to them goes to help others..not pay help....sometimes you must spend in order to save....I continue to support the Salvation army with any money I can spare cuz I know it doesnt go to overhead like many others
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

1171 my employer never sent me to a doctor after my injury, I went on my own and paid for the appointment myself. At this appointment I learned my injury was serious.

I left the appointment and went to the HR department where I worked, I told them I did not want my injury turned into work comp. I wanted to use my personal health insurance but was told by the HR Director that my employer would get in trouble if this was not kept in the work comp system. I went to my state legislator, and the governor of my state, both said this was a work comp issue not personal health insurance. My health insurance is thru hubby's business.

I learned later the other teacher in my classroom at the time of the injury had reported my work injury.

I feel to this day if I had been allowed to use my personal health insurance the medical would be taken care of and I would be back at work
Bummer I am so glad that you made this post. Mine injury wasn't due to lack of trainging but it was do to employer not listening to a problem.
I for one feel like my injury was all uncalled for and could have been prevented.

I had a client who I personally think had a narcotic drug addiction. Even her PM doc dropped her and informed her other docs that she was a drug seeker.

There were days that I would care for her that she was not on the meds and she was just fine. Then there were days that she had taken one or two or ten to many and she was completely unstable. When I say unstable I mean can barely walk and tumbles,falls alot. Oh and I cannot forget the day she tried using the t.v remote as a telephone. She did that the day I was injured. I kept telling her that it was not a telephone that it was the t.v remote and she would listen for a whole five minutes and then go back to trying to call someone on it again.

I turned in everything I had seen her do to my employer. I turned in that I had personally seen her take more of the pills than she was prescribed and that she also gave them to her daughter things that we are told to report. Alot of good that did because they just ask her if she was over taking her meds and she told them no. Well of course she is going to tell them no duh. Then they tell her that I was the one who reported her. I am not the only one who has seen this in the office all the girls know about how she is and they just make jokes and laugh it off. I feel that if they would have taken me serious and actually done something/anything about it then I would not have had to catch her that day when she fell, in turn injuring myself and having to go through this whole mess.

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