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Can I go to my own doctor?
Tired, I don't know Your Case that Well, but if You were Sent to these Dr.'s You have seen by the Dr. that is in the w/c Network and Approved by Your Employer, and they are Denying Payment to All of these Dr.'s, it Sounds to Me like they are Denying Your Case!! If You have an Attorney I Suggest You Contact them ASAP, Something doesn't seem to be Adding Up! My Best, and Have a Great Day!!Wink
Limbo already did it as soon as I found out about it. I was told my case is still open and they are not denying my case only the doctors which makes no sense at all.

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since I was injured and I haven't seen a dime from them so it doesn't suprise me that they are holding out on the docs to. The IC just hates to let any money go don't they.
Doesn't make Sense Tired, Please be Careful, and watch for the Other Foot to Drop! If You are Approved, and following Their Guidlines and Seeing Their Dr.'s, there should be No Reason not to Pay these Dr.'s. Something is Missing Here, what Explanation did Your Attorney give You??Wink
Oh I know it has me very worried. So far I am seeing their doctors and doing everything they have asked of me. My attorney said that he is checking in to because there is no reason that they should be denying the doctors that their doctor sent me to. I am supposed to hear back from him today or tomorrow. Hopefully he will call back with some good news but I am not counting on it being how much of a pain WC is.
Best of Luck to You!!Wink
Thanks! I know I am going to need it!
I just called the work comp board to see what they knew on my claim and all they have is that my claim was filed and that's it. Dang it I hope my attorney calls me back soon.
Something doesn't seem right if you are seeing the doctors they sent you to but not very much does make since in WC. Sorry to say but if your just 7 weeks into it you need to hold on, it's going to be a long ride. I was 4 weeks into it before they let me see the doctor. Now I was seeing the company nurse for those 4 weeks but that was it. They were hoping that just putting heat on my back was going to make it go away. The after I saw the doctor it didn't get better. Now this was the company doctor so what was I hoping for. Saw him three times before they decided it was just a strain and I would need to see my own doctor if I wanted anything else done. That was the best thing they could have said because that started the treatment I need.
We will be praying for you and hope you can find the right doctor to help you out. Trust me I've had allot of needles in my back and it doesn't get any easyer, but it will help if you can find a PM doc that you can trust
I was the same way it was just 2 days shy of being 4 weeks before I finally was able to see one of their doctors. Of course I was using my own ins. and seeing my own doctor during that time because I was not going to just set back and let the injury get worse.

I wish mine would tell me that I need to see my own doctor I would just love it!

I got a letter through the mail today from hubby's ins. it is about me and my injury. It asks what kind of injury it is and where is occured and the date etc. I hope they aren't going to stop paying now.

Thank you Manley I need all the prayers I can get right now. I know this is going to be a long ride but if only it wasn't so bumpy to Sad
I just called my WC PTP and left a message asking her to refer me to the ortho doc for my back. He is the one that I had seen for my shoulder knee and elbow (HE IS WONDERFUL) So if all goes well I will have a new doc to look at my back. One I trust and am very comfortable with and who also SEEMS like he actually cares that you are in pain. Wish me luck that she agrees to do so Smile If not there is always going through my regular doc since I already have the appointment for that at least I will have a backup.

Oh also found out that since my WC PTP is new to all of this she doesn't know how WC works and she never sent anything into the IC about me not being able to work. Hmmmmm wonder if that is why I have not gotten paid yet?

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