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Can I go to my own doctor?
Manley2 Wrote:I don't want to sound like I defending the PM doc but lower back pain is so hard to figure out just what is going on sometimes. Yes it can be pretty clear but not all the time. You do have to believe in your doctor so if he is the only one you can see sit down and talk with him about what he is doing and how you are feeling. I know I feel so lucky that my PM doctor is somebody I trust. Sometimes they have to do things to try and find out what is wrong and the best thing you can do is tell them how it feels.

Manly my problem's with my PM doc is that he left the needle sticking out of my back while he was messing with his machine and bumping the crap out of the little bed I was on while he was doing so. I had a horrible first experience and he wasn't even willing to talk to me about it afterwards as soon as he was done he left the room. I just wasted a hour round trip yesterday to go see him about the pain being worse now than before the injection and he didn't check me over or anything he just ask where the pain was and then went running out to see if WC had approved the first injection. I took someone with me yesterday so they witness what happened. As soon as he heard that the WC IC wasn't approving meds and other stuff it was like he was done with me it was horrible he made me feel like I was a nothing and my health and pain was of no concern to him at all. I am honestly afraid of him and I do not trust him at all. I wouldn't mind going through more injections if it was done by someone I trust.

I wish I was as lucky as you and could find a PM doc I could trust and who had at lease a fraction of a bedside manner.
Oh wow I just made a phone call and found out that the WC IC is not approving any of the doctors or treatments that my WC PTP has sent me for because they are not on the IC network. So the spine specialist,PM doc, bone and joint specialist and PT are all being denied along with any prescriptions they have written for me. I am really suprised because it was the doctor that WC IC first sent me to that referred me to all of these other docs for treatment.
ahhhhhhhhhhh welcome to the world of WC......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Haha thanks Jayne but that is one welcome I am not happy to get Sad
go to your own doc if you can afford it ....the peace of mind is worth it
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne, Hubby has wonderful coverage and the deductible for the year is already met so no porblems there Smile. I have a appointment with him for next Weds. so hopefully he will reffer me to someone that I can trust and that won't make me worse Smile
get a disc o gram done if you can at a pain management place
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I am going to try Smile
All I was saying if he was the only PM doc you needed to sit down with him and talk it out. If you can get your own PM doc please do so. It is hard sometimes to figure out what will work for you and sometimes they have to try differant things to help work it out. But that is why you need a good PM doc and one you can trust. Some doctors do only care if they are getting paid which is sad but some just don't talk to you and let you know whats going on. The PM center I go to has several doctors and some make me feel like they don't have time to talk with you. This doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing but it doesn't make you feel like they do sometimes. When you have a needle in your back you want them to care about that needle and how it can hurt. I hope you can find a doctor that you can trust and can provide the help you need because the WC world is not a fun place to be. They can make us feel all alone.
Manly I understand and believe me I have tried to talk to my PM doc but he is just not willing. I am not sure if it is because it is a WC issue and he is afraid of not getting paid or he just doesn't have time or what but he just won't talk to me Sad. The day of the injections I tried to ask him questions and it was like I was not even talking because he ignored me the nurse tried her best to answer the best she could but she couldn'tanswer everything. I wished we had a PM clinic here but we don't they are all indivicual practices. There are at lease 2 or 3 more though and I am hoping my doctor can refer me to one of them. Hopefully it will be one that won't stick the needle in my back and walk away on me because that had me terrified. Also one that won't tell me not to move at all and then he beats the bed around I am on bad enough I can feel the needle in my back jerking around. Having a injury and all this pain is scary enough without getting a doctor who seems like they can care less. You are so right the WC is far from being a fun place and can leave you feeling alone especially when no on you know has been through it and they cannot understand why you get so upset at times.

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