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Free Second Opinion ~ Sort of
Being a tractor trailer driver there isn't much they can do to reasonably accommodate me. But thanks for letting me know

Bad Boy
I sort of knew the outcome before I walked into his office. Guess I just hoping for chance at trying. I understand his legality however. Thanks again Bad boy

Be Well
Take Care and Be Well
tpm, my thoughts are with you.

I worked as an Early Childhood teacher for 13 years.

Previous to my job I served 10 yrs on the state Coordinating Council for Early Childhood Development Advisory Board for Kansas.

This is a job that is my heart, and best of all I was able to work with special needs children and their families.

But, this is a job that required lots of physical activities, bending, kneeling, stooping, sitting of the floor with legs crossed, and working from the floor.

I reached MMI in July on the knee replacement and received restrictions from the doctor.

With my job I must pass 3 different physicals, 2 with Departmentment of Health & Enviroment, and 1 for accrediation standards.

Accrediation standard for the school where I worked requires that all teachers pass the NAEYC Physical, something I can't do with my restrictions.

My employer refuses to offer any type of accomodations.

I have been job seaching and hope I can find another type of job in the Early Childhood profession.
Thanks so much Bummer Knees for your kind words. I wish you best of luck in finding something in your profession. I hope your new knee (s) gives you many, many years of pain free function Smile

Be well
Take Care and Be Well
tpm...sorry things are not as you would have liked but better you know now so you can get on with your life. Saying aprayer that you find some positive in all this.Smile

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