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Need medicine and insurance denied it?
I went to the pharmacy to get my meds and the insurance company denied it. This is my 4th refill and have never had a problem with it before this. I called my attorney's office and he gave me a name to this pharmacy that dedicates to IW. It is actually a pharmacy for injuried workers and is called IWP and it doesn't matter if you are denied your meds. They get some information from you and they send your meds to you ups next day. If the insurance company doesn't pay, the IW attorney actually goes after the insurance company for the money for the meds if you are denied I would check this out. here is a link


I spent 3 minutes on the phone with this woman and she told me my meds would be here tomorrow.
They ask for your claim number the name of the w'c insurance name and address of your employer at time of injury and their address and phone number. Also your pharmacy information.
Take care

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