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affirmed decision of appeal
i just found out from my lawyer it was sent to my old address so it was forwarded to my new one it should be here today so thats good. also they have sent my weekly checks although its 80 dollars less than what it was 8 months ago this is still great news means they arent appealing,so i cant complain about that im just gonna start applying to place then that way i can get my reduced earnings i know down the road attachment to the labor market will be raised so im gettin ahead of the game,its been a long hard road but i finaly won.thank you all for your help and support,
MY CHECKS CAME TODAY !!!!! what a relief
congrats enjoy the freedom of having a few extra bucks pay as many bills as you can now is not the time to splurge no matter how bad you want to
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

thank you thats what the whole check is for pretty much 8 months of no pay really hurt. im just glad my weekly pay is back thats the biggest thing.we have gotten by this long on just my wifes pay this will help out so much. things are looking up finaly i needed this as you all know how fustrating and depressing it is not to mention the toll it takes on your family. thank you to eveyone who helped me here couldnt have done it without ya. there is still a long road ahead
Now with that out of the way, you can settle in and help others here at the board.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
i sure will ill help as much as i can
im new here.....but so glad that things have come thru for you and your family...we have a family as well....and understand how scary things can be Smile

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