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affirmed decision of appeal
so i got my letter today from the appeals board that i have been waiting for 7 months and the 3 appellete judges affirmed the decision of the judges decision that was in my favor 7 months ago. this is great news finaly. my question is what happens next and they owe me over 7 months back pay when should i get that?
Check with Your Attorney, they May Owe You Interest, and /or Penalty Monies! Congratulations on Your Win!!Smile
another question i was told they have 30 days to appeal again for a full board review? comp just told me that the 3 judges that affirmed the appeal in my favor are 3 very strong judges and the ins comp would have to have a very good case to take it to another appeal. my guess is they will appeal but im hoping not. anyone have any history of this or input on if they will?
also now that the decision has been affirmed do they have to start payments now even if they decise to appeal? and thank you this is a big relief its been a long road that i hope ends today !
can anyone help me on this?
If they do appeal they wont pay until it goes back to court and it is decided in your favor. Insurance Companies love to use stall tactics such as appealing . Hard to tell whether they will or not. Yes , they will have to pay you the retroactive payments once it is finalized. Not sure how long they have to pay it .
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
ok because i was told in order to appeal and for it to go to the supreme court they would have to have a very going reason for doing so,such as the 3 law judges that just reviewd the appeal would of had to of broke some kind of law and it would have to be accepted first before the final appeal goes forward. i have recieved a payment since feb 17th when they filed their first appeal. i was told they cant appeal just because they want to they need a very good reason. not sure if thats true but thats what i have been told. my lawyer said they have 10 days from yesterday to issue a check if i dont recieve one they appealed.
so now im told by my lawyer the ins comp has 30 days to appeal the 3 law judges affimed decision of my last hearing the law just ruled in my favor to take it to the supreme court? i just read through the letter of affirmed decision from the 3 law judges and eveything they tried to appeal was shot right down and not one thing in the letter was against me. i know how ins companies love to stall but honestly they have lost on every angle now does anyone see this going any further? i was told if i dont recieve a check within 10 days they are gonna appeal. just wondering if anyone has gone through this and what is the likelyhood of this going to the supreme court? any help would be great thank you
Hello Blake. Are you nervious? Are you confident? Do you have faith in the one above? It will be alright.
most likely the highest they will appeal is to Court of Appeal.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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