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privacy breached
1171 Wrote:BAD
that's not completely true.
the employer makes no benefit payments when they are insured and the responsibility for confidentiality is transferred to the carrier by way of the policy contract. they don't both have the same rights to patient/worker information. the carrier has the Hipaa exemption as the provider and determiner of benefits but not so the employer.
depending on her state and the status of the employer as self-insured or not and what information was given she could make a written objection to the doctor and the carrier and may have the right to file an action with the feds under Hipaa.
talking to the doctor is not a breach; it depends on what information the doctor provided.
many states allow a change of physician and she could request another treating doctor.
i am in california. and it is a insurance company carrying my comp benifits for the company i work for.

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