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Do doctors write you a slip for work?
YW Smile

I don't think I will be seeing her again because the whole 2 times I have she said that my injuries are beyond anything she can treat. The reason I seen her in the first place was because IC made the appointment for me to see her. The second time was because of my shoulder hurting and poping everytime I move it and when I went to see her ober that she said once again it is something that is beyond her.

The thing is the spine specialist has looked over my MRI report and images and said that it is a very small bulge in my neck that would not cause me any pain or problems. The numbness and pain in my right arm is possibliy due to my shoulder but they will not know until it is checked next week. Then they are also concerned about the muscle spasms in the back and top of my shoulders and back of my neck. The pain in my shoulders go down all the way to my finger tips. I was given over a dozen injecton for them that made the pain way worse at first then went away in all but my right shoulder for just a few days and now it is back and as painfull as ever. Also they are concerned because I have hyper reflexes now something that has never happened to me before. I also have pain and numbness down both legs my toes go totally numb and my feet get freezing cold. They have told me that the left side could be due to the herniated disc L5-S1 contacting S1 nerve root, but that the right side should not be doing this. There is also a constant burning pain across my back where the back of the bra strap goes. When I raise my right arm up to talk on the phone or comb my hair my arm goes numb. Now for the last couple of weeks my whole body has been achy like I have the flu or something Sad Oh and the most embarassing is I am having a really hard time controlling my bladder lately. There are times if I COULD run I WOULD be running to the bathroom. In the last week I have had over a half a dozen bladder accidents Sad

My regular doc told me that both my legs going numb could be from the disc but then the spine specialist says that it is not. It is so confusing when you have so many different doctors telling you different things Sad. I just wished they would find out what all is wrong so they could treat me for everything Sad

My big thing with it and why I think that it cannot be MS is because I didn't have any of these problems or pain until after I was injured.
Doc office just called I am getting my brain mri in 3 hours!
Good Luck!
TY bummer! I did it I braved the needle lol
Tired...I understand about the MS sumptoms. They are just outruling them. Alot of Dr.s like to say that it is something else and not a work related injury. Here they may want to blame all on MS> Try not to worry about this part of it. You have alot going on and there's too many Cook's in the kitchen. You need one Dr. in charge. I have to agree that a small bulge wouldn't cause these symptoms unless the disk is compressing a nerve. Could your shoulder be causing it all. ABSOLUTELY! Your leg and foot pain could all be coming from the bulge at the L5 and probably is. Injections in your shoulder might help. Where have you been getting injected.....which body part? The bra strap thing is definitely the shoulder. 3 1/2 years post injury and 2 1/2 years post-op I stillhave to slide the bra strap off my bad shoulder. I hope Lilly and RN come along. They are both shoulder people and can add more to the mix. Glad you got the MRI out of the way.
ahhhhhhhhhh tell you what ask for a disc o gram cuz I am telling you that burning across your back came from my c 5-6 c 6-7 area and it disapeared after my fusion..WC docs said DDD in my neck my doc said leaking discs My husbands insurance started the ball rolling to get my fusion somewhere in the middle WC took over the money part.....it wasnt till the court appt doc did a disc o gram that we found 4 more bad discs.....now if you have a needle phobia that test is gonna be a nightmare unless done by a good PM doc....mine was a good one and after he spoke to the judge the IC was in a real hurry to settle my case...The court appt doc gave me 77% whole body 75% on my cervical and back 1% for the carpel tunnel the court appt doc found and 1% for my lungs because of working in a old building....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I have been where you are. Originally when the pain in my neck and arm started and I began having weakness in my grip they checked out my neck. I had a herniation at C4-5 with nerve compression. I had a disectomy to correct the problem in 2000. I continued to complain with pain after this surgery. Finally in 2001 they did another MRI which showed I needed a fusion at C4-5 which was the level they did surgery on in 2000. I still continued to complain with pain and again in 2003 they repeated the MRI after telling me they thought because I had been in pain so long my neurosurgeon thought I was imagining the pain. When they repeated the MRI it showed I needed a fusion at C5-6 so I had this surgery done on 2003. Time went on and I continued to complain of pain in my arm. I was sent to PM for treatment which started in Oct. 2003. For years I continued to complain of pain in my arm. Finally my PM doc asked if anyone had ever looked at my shoulder. I said NO, now this was 5 years into my injury as we were now in the year 2007. My PM did an MRI of my shoulder and sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. The MRI showed I had a bi-cep tear and I needed an AC Joint removal with a resection done surgically. In Jan. of 2008 I had my shoulder surgery done but this orthopedic doc could not say it was related to my injury since I was many years into my claim. I used my own insurance and had my shoulder surgery done. It was the worse surgery I ever had and PT was also the worst I had gone through. The ortho said it make take me up to a year to get use of that arm again but within about 6-8 months my arm was so much better. No more pain in my arm today and I don't have good strength in it but I can move it and use it. Therefore, yes, your problem could be coming from your shoulder. Don't let them wait as long as my doctors did to check that shoulder. After the 3 neck surgeries I had and was still in pain, all that time it was coming from my shoulder also and not only my neck. The neck injury desguised the shoulder problem because when you have neck injuries the symptoms in your arm are the same if you have a neck injury or a shoulder injury.

I hope this helps to explains things in a better way to you. I wish you much luck with your treatment. Don't let them play around because what happened to me regarding if it was from my fall or not became a problem from waiting and I could not get WC or a doc to say it was related because of the amount of time that had passed since my 1999 injury. Well, my PM doc said it was from my fall but the ortho surgeron would not say that. I know this was caused from my fall because when I fell I braced my fall with both my arms and it jammed up my shoulders. I will be praying for you. God Bless.

Cajun Hugsssssssssssss,
Lumbar Laminectomy L5 - S1, Lumbar Disectomy L 4 -5, Cervical Microdisectomy C-4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 5 - 6, Lumbar Disectomy, Laminectomy and Foraminotmy L 3 - 4, Cryo Surgery Lumbar. --Ongoing Problems.. Permanently Totally Disabled.

Which doctor needs to be in charge? My PTP doesn't seem to know anything about WC and keeps telling me that I am beyond family medicine and she cannot do anything for me. So should my PM be the one in charge of everything? All my docs except my surgeon have told me that the pain and numbness in both legs can easily be contributed to my herniated disc in L5-S1 or even the L4/5 disc bulge. My surgeon totally disagree's and said that the only symptoms that relate are my right leg and they should not be that severe even though they are pushing on the S1 nerve root. To be honest I think the surgeon is saying MS just to give it something else to blame it on istead of work injury I could be totally wrong but that is just the feeling I have.
I have had trigger point injections in both shoulders, back of neck and back of head. I felt horrible after the injections and now 10 days later the pain is worse than ever before Sad. Sitting here typing even hurts like crazy.
The bra strap I meant was the one in the back where it hooks(thoracic). That is where I have a horrible burning ache. They said my thoracic MRI came back totally normal though. I am glad I got it out of the way to! I don't mind the regular ones I just don't like when I have to have a needle lol.
I am going in today to be checked for lyme disease and have my vitamin B level checked. Yuck more needles well I guess it isn't the needles so much as the blood. I cannot stand the site of blood.

Jayne So should I ask my PM doc for a disc o gram? Oh wow so the MRI's didn't show the bad disc's? Hmmm it's not that I have a needle phobia so much as a blood phobia I pass out over blood especially my own. See if there is a needle then that means blood haha.
Ok had no clue what a disc o gram was but I am assuming they have to put needles in you to do it right lol. Oh as long as I don't see any blood I will be fine.

Hmmmm it could be because ever since I caught my client from falling my shoulder has done nothing but pop and crack and hurt like crazy. It shoots pain all the way down into my fingers. Here lately that arm seems to have gotten weaker and weaker. I am right handed and have always been stronger in my right arm but here lately my left arm seems to be the one with more strength.
It does make things alot clearer. I am going to a ball and joint doctor on the 9th and he is supposed to do a xray on it. I wonder that if the xray comes back okay if he will do a MRI? I sure hope he does because I want this fixed badly. Geez I have already had a cervical,thoracic,lumbar and brain MRI they might as well just do my whole body at once lol.
I hope I can convince them to check this out before it is to late, but you know how WC docs can be. I guess there is always going to my own doc and begging her to look into it. If she will I will have no choice but to use hubby's coverage. I will just have hubby to explain to his boss everything and that we will try to get WC IC to pay it back if it turns out it is work related.

Hoosier hugs back at ya!
a disc o gram should be preformed under a pain management doc..it is a sure fire way to find disc damage as sometimes MRIs will not find it...ask your doc if he feels this might be for you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne I cannot thank you enough for that info....It couldn't came at a better time either because I have a appointment with my PM doctor today. I am going in for ESI yuck lol.

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