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wooo hooo OKLAHOMA
The Shame of it Here, I don't know about Other States, but they can actually Force You from Your Home Here!Rolleyes
But Still WE CAN GET A CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT, here in good old PA , which allot of states or Commomwealths can't. Our Uncles were here from MA and tried to get a concealed weapons permit, but according to the law they have to have one in their state first. Well in MA you can only get one if you are carrying large amounts of money for say a business and you can only carry when you are transporting the money (I believe) . My point being, apparently they believe money is worth protecting more than the human beings carrying it.
I Agree there are Good Things in Our State Backache, I just don't like the Fact that even if You Own it and Paid for it, if it's for the Betterment of the People, they can Force You from it! I just Posted a Thread about Concealed Permits Today, and I'm Very Happy with what I Heard. I know it's a lot Tougher in Other States to get a Permit, when the Sheriff Handed Me that List Yesterday, He said don't even Try Maryland, You'll never get a Permit There!Wink
I agree about the land, but most states have the same law. They wanted to put an interstate through a friends property years ago and he fought them for years. They did end up with the land, but had to pay market value for it. On the other hand look what we did to the Native Americans. We would give them a piece of land, namely a reservation and as soon as we would find out that there was say gold on it, we would move them somewhere else. The Native Americans would trade us land for beads because they thought it was a win win situation, they believe that no one can own land because God owns it so they thought we were dumb for giving them something for something we couldn't own anyway.
Very Good Point Backache, and Well Taken!!Smile

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