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I could just SCREAM!
I am not sure how his boss knows but he does somehow.

Nope I don't have a notice of denial. All the IC company did was call and denied it. I have not gotten one single thing from the IC my ER or my ATTY at all since this started. I figure I would have gotten something anything by now but I have got zip,zero,ziltch Sad . I keep checking online everyday to see if there has been a change but it says the same thing Jurisdiction Claim Number:****** and Date Processed:*/**/**** . That is all it has ever said since it was filed nothing new at all Sad.

If they don't send my TTD benefits soon I am thinking about filing a request for assistance so the board will investigate my complaint. I really don't know what else to do.
WC stopped paying for my scripts so my lawyer gave me the number for a pharmacy here in PA that sends you your meds and then they go after WC. So far everything has worked perfectly and my scripts are always filled and sent to me within 2 - 3 days. They will even fill a script from your Dr's office if you need it faster by him faxing the script in. I had been paying for my own meds for months prior to getting this number and wish I had heard about it sooner, since there were times I went without because of the cost.
Wow I wish I knew of some place like that in Indiana.

All my doctor's that have went to so far are getting very angry with the IC and the fact that they are denying most of my care. I have heard it is good when the doctor gets p'od at the IC because that puts them more on your side. I am not sure if this is true or not but if it is the YAY lol.
Hun do you have a lawyer? If not maybe you can ask others from Indiana if they get their meds through the mail.
backache Wrote:Hun do you have a lawyer? If not maybe you can ask others from Indiana if they get their meds through the mail.

Yes I do have a lawyer but I cannot get him to so a single thing for me Sad. I think I have found a good one to switch to though Smile
(09-01-2009, 07:16 PM)TiredOfHurting09 Wrote: Ok sorry for making a new post for this but I wasn't really sure if it fit in any of my other post.

I just called CVS to see if WC had approved my scripts or not and she checked and got back on the phone and said no they did not. She then goes on to tell me that the pharmacist just told her that the IC called last week and told them that they are NOT going to approve them!!! I am so mad right now I just want to scream!!!!!!!!

Sorry I just needed to vent a little.

The same happend to me on a few presciptions and I had to call my IC case adjuster and complain. If the dr. that the IC is paying for prescribed them then the IC should have to pay for them

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