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Finally got a answer!
But have no idea what it means. I was told today that I have a open claim with "the insurance company" what does that mean? Does it mean that they approved it? Still not gotten a payment a letter or anything from them UGH!

Oh and also I got tired of waiting on the approval for my meds so I called someone at the main office and they are calling the pharmacy now to find out what is needed. Hopefully I will get my meds soon Smile

Just looked over the ins. co report again and I noticed that the address of injury and the injury itself are not all that are incorrect. They have down a name for my employer that I have never heard of and it is even in a different state I am so confused.
That happened to me. My original doctor was sending the ins company someone else's paper work.
A few times when I went to the doctor she was going to give me some kinds of injections. I said ummmm excuse me what are you talking about. She looked a little through the file and seen I had three other people's medical records in my file and records from the insurance company as well. The wc form they give you when you leave 10 days after surgery she sent in someone else's w/c forms and it said return to work. I didn't really look at the paper till I got home and had to call right away. It is crazy. That's why I got a new doctor
But your case may be different but always always check the name on the records
Mine is the injury report/claim from the IC. Everything on it except my name social security number and injury date are wrong.

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