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Worried more now :(
Just got back from seeing the surgeon and it was not fun for me at all. First off he said that he does want me to go through with the ESI's and if that does not help then I need to come back and see him for the possibility of surgery. Now that I expected so didn't suprise me what came next is what floored me.

He did a exam on me and I seen the change in his face and attitude right away and I knew something was wrong. He then tells me that I need to see my regular doctor and have him to order a MRI of my brain. My exam combined with some unexplained pain in some areas has him concerned that is might be MS. He said that I am in the right age group for it to start showing and I need to get it checked out right away.

Right now I am between shock and fear I don't know what to feel to be truthfull.
I will pray for you.

Red a member of this forum has MS.

She is traveling right now to the West coast.

You will be able to find her on the off topics forum; when she is able to use a computer and check-in.
You have my prays as well. Hope they can figure it out and get you some relief
Thank you so much I could use all the prayers I can get right now. I am praying that it is just different body parts that are injured somehow and causing pain because that I can deal with.

I made an appointment with my doctor for Thursday morning and usually the MRI is done within the same day I see here. It usually takes 1 to 2 business days for the results, so i should know by Friday or Monday.

Please continue to pray for me I really appreciate it.

Will be praying and awaiting an answer with you.

Hugs back!

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