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Pre-existing Conditon
I need to find out what my rights are on a pre-existing condition. I injuried my right knee 18 yrs ago. I now have re-injuried it. According to the dr the acl is considered pre-existing condition. I need help.
Some states cover aggravation of pre-existing conditions. We need to know what state you are in.
Does PA cover pre-existing conditions?
Pa. will Cover the Re-Aggravation of a Pre Existing Injury if it can be without a Doubt Proven to be Work Related to a Specific Incident at the Work Place. It will Probably be Considered a New Claim. Have You Filed a Claim Yet, and what has the w/c System Ruled? I'm from Pa. and at it for just Shy of 5 Years now, Totally Disabled due to a Back Injury, and have been to 15 Hearings, and also the Appeals Process! Mr. Belt whom Stops on from Time to Time is a w/c Attorney, and May be able to give You More Info., but that's the Rules and Regs. as I know them! Best of Luck!!Wink

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