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Anyone here from Indiana?
I'm from Pa., but I did want to Jump on and Welcome You to the Forum!!Wink
I'm from WI and I also would like to welcome you here. I have not read your posts but perhaps you a male.? Seemed to be out numbered here by the ladies......
Hey all thanks for the welcome Smile I plan to stick around for a long while not because of my WC but because so far I have met some very nice people here Smile.....Hey Bronco sorry but I am a female so looks like the numbers are really piling against you Wink lol
yep im in In,and wc in this state stinks and so does trying to get ssdi.Im just north of Fort Wayne,I live in Auburn.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

Hurt I have to agree 100% with you on that I cannot believe the crap that you have to go through. I guess everyone has the same problems but when it happens you feel like WHY ME!

You are way north of me I am south of Bloomington down here in Bedford Smile

Did it take you very long before you started getting your payments or are you still waiting to get them?

One more quick question where in the world did you find a decent attorney because mine stinks Sad
Well I have settled after 4 years dont have my money yet but settled none the less.my lawyer is local and very good and has been doing this for many years.Stay on Ur lawyer or find a new one and best of luck too you.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

Howdy Tired,

Just wanted to welcome you to our forum family. I am a southern gal from South Louisiana. Hope you will continue to hang around with us, we have loads of fun on here and this group is the best when it comes to being a source of support for each other. Welcome to our family and have fun. Take Care!

Here goessssssssss........

Cajun Hugssssssssssssssss,
Lumbar Laminectomy L5 - S1, Lumbar Disectomy L 4 -5, Cervical Microdisectomy C-4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 5 - 6, Lumbar Disectomy, Laminectomy and Foraminotmy L 3 - 4, Cryo Surgery Lumbar. --Ongoing Problems.. Permanently Totally Disabled.
Hurt I have been on him since day one and nothing Sad I am looking for a new one now. I called him a couple weeks ago because I have not recieved one single ttd check yet and we are going broke fast. Hopefully I will get lucky and find one that is worth it Smile
Hey Cap thanks!

I plan on being here for a long time to come even after the mess with the WC is over Smile Well that is unless you all get tired of me and run me off lol Tongue

Welcome to the Board.

Don't Blame the attorney for what the State Regulates, or allows the Insurance Carrier to get away with. (Just a word of thought)

I may be from Illinois, but have had family in Indiana Work Comp system.

I think you were the one injured performing home nursing?

Can you say what problems your still having with the wc system now?
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