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I made a mistake
On one of my older post's I was wrong about injections.....

Today had another visit to pain clinic and had found out they did not do the facets but did do the si joint and s1-l5 injections... I argued to the point she was mad at me. When the procedure was done and while they were preping me they told me they were going to... I felt 5 injections and anybody that has had them know the difference between them and the littile pokes of anesth. But the DR'S notes say they did not do the facets.. I feel they did me wrong but no way to prove it.........

I'm not standing up for wc but truly feel they are milking the system... I had cancled a sych evaluation cause did not think it was needed and my local DR agreed. Now I ticked of pm and they let me know it, I just questioned there reasons why after 2 years they bring it up. Now mind you my ncm is along side me taking notes and she piped up and asked the same thing..

Well now I feel like a total a-z-z and you guys know I tend to say things before thinking it out... PM gave me plenty of reasons and all made sence after.. They feel I may have other issues that may need some attention, like depression and want to be on my wave link.. Also she said she does not feel the injections are helping enough to benifit anymore. And they want to get a sych eval to see if I would be ok on opeds ( dont know how to spell it ). Why cant they just give me back vicodin as needed, they are going to drive me out of a job....

Anyways now that I have vented I have the facets injections on the 9th of sept then 2 weeks to determine my future......

Thanks for listening (reading) I told my wife they may lock me up after the sych eval......LOL.
Heck Bronco welcome to my can of nuts
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I for one can tell you to make sure you know what they are doing. One time I was going in for injections but this was what the other doctor I don't normaly see set up. So I decide I would talk with the reg PM doc first. When they called me back they took me straight to the procedure room and wanted me on the table. I had to stand there and flat say NO I'M NOT GETTING ON THAT TABLE UNTIL I TALK TO THE DOCTOR before they said okay.
Just a few weeks ago I went in for a left sided lumbar sympathetic plexus block. When going over the paperwork right before the procedure, I said, wait, this isn't right. The paperwork said I was having a right sided Lumber ESI. They had to go get the doctor to talk to me and he took my chart and started looking thru it. They had my doctor report in there 1st page was correct, but the second page was someone else's report. So glad we get a chance to look over those papers before we go into surgery. LOL! Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
I don't know if this will help or not but my PM doc injected my facet jopints from the side of my neck not from the back. Maybe it can be done both ways, I'm not sure. All I know is when he stuck a needle directly behind my earlobe where your bottom jaw ends and then went through to the joint it hurt like a SOB. The right side hurt much worse than the left and you could hear it making all kinds of noise as he pushed through whatever he had to to get where he was going...not fun at all!!!!
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Bronco, No need to Worry about Mistakes, We have All Made them! I do Understand the Psych. Evaluation, and with the Way Your Case and Pain has Progressed, I can also See them wanting You to Use Opiates for Your Pain! I haven't had the Psych. Eval., and I'm not Happy taking Opiates at All, but without them I'm Bedridden! Try Hard and Look for the Good Points of this if You can, it May Help You Cope Better! Best of Luck!!Wink

I'm with Limbo on this one. I take Opiates also and don't like it at all. But, without it I can't function at all so please try and look at the good side of it like Limbo suggested. Take care and love ya!

Cajun Hugssssssssss,
Lumbar Laminectomy L5 - S1, Lumbar Disectomy L 4 -5, Cervical Microdisectomy C-4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 5 - 6, Lumbar Disectomy, Laminectomy and Foraminotmy L 3 - 4, Cryo Surgery Lumbar. --Ongoing Problems.. Permanently Totally Disabled.
Opiates, now I know how to spell it, lol... Thanks again. I will try my hardest to deal with the pain as I am doing now. If the pain gets to the point of that I guess I will have to accept it.. All my life I have hid pain from people from down to being a kid saying to dad it dont hurt. Well that just made my father even more mad and harder I got it....LOL But even as a teen I never shed a tear being the tuff guy on the block. Well all the practice has paid off for I have ways as I'm sure we all do to not think of the pain...

But when reality sinks in and cant get pain levels down I do break down and take meds for it. But as time is going by my condition is getting worse, PT has not been able to help with back pain but has extremely helped with hip and leg. Even though I cant hardly get down on my knees and when I do pain kicks my butt.... Ever have to throw up and cant get down on knees?....... It truly sucks, and with the way my back is and abdomin its a night mare by itself..........

As my abdomin pain is still there I am brushed off by using lidoderm patches. It seems the to help but they say not the #1 issue at this time........ Im just so sick of this as I would like to take a break from all of this, but I guess life is what it is....

After this fall things slow down at work and am seriously asking my Doc to request time off for me.. If they (wc) wont go for it I am taking a month off and going to soak in the waves probably in panama or maybe pensicola $7.00 a night with electricity... Hope the wife understands but going to do it hust to gain my sanity back........

Here I'm venting and probably boring the heck out of you's, but I thank you's for your time..........Bronco
We are Here for Each Other to Listen, and Vent, so Your Not Boring a Soul!! For any Med. for Chronic or Long Term Pain to do the Job it is Made for, it has to get in Your System by Regular Use. Some Pain Meds. take as Long as 2 Weeks to become Fully Effective, so only taking them for a Day or Two when You Hurt the Most will Help a bit, but won't give the Full Effect it is Manufactured for! Trust Me Bronco, I was a Very Active Person before My Injury, and I can Handle Pain, there are a Few on here that saw the Scar on My Knee from where a Chain Saw went through, and I Butterflied it with the Help of My Father and My Wife, because the Guy that was Helping Me was Charging $165.00 per Hour, and I had no Time for a Dr.!! And I never went to the Dr., I Packed it Every Night with Raleigh's Salve, until the Skin Grew back, and now I set Here not by Choice, but because the Pain is so Severe there are Days Lately where I can Hardly Walk now, and I'm Starting to Trip and almost Fall, I have been Lucky to catch Myself so far! But without these Dam* Meds. that I Curse every Day, I would be bound in the Hospital Bed I Sleep in, that's Located in My Den! I haven't spent One Full Night in Bed with My Wife in Years, and I Miss that so Much it's too Hard to Describe! So even though these Meds. aren't what We want, sometimes in Cases such as Mine and MJC's for Example, they are Needed to try and get as Close to a Hint of a Normal Life!! There Now We both Vented so You don't have to feel Bad,Smile and I Hope Your Pain Stays Minimal, and Have a Good One!!Wink
Thanks still.
As far as the meds my main Dr put me on the tramadol but told me not to take them unless needed. The celebrex I take twice a day and as far as vicodin I want to be able to drive (I feel fine but company says no way) so I only take once I,m home to help with the break through to take the edge off. My pain levels are a 2 - 3 all time, and the best relief I get is when I lay down on my right side and with pillow between knees. My whole left side took all the dammage during accident besides 6 ribs on the right. I have not really expierence any abnormal pains in my lower right side but my main dr figures in time because of my abnormal gait I will....

And Still I dont think I cant imagine even what your going through, it has to be hell. I was at home in hospital bed in living room for only 6 months but once able to use a walker I was glad to be able to sleep with my wife in my own bed....

I truley believe god puts us through this for a reason besides you saving that young mans legs... There will be our day when we are rewarded and what glory that will bring......

Take care and thanks again for your time, and you also have a great day.............Bronco

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