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well its been 44years !!!
I Still Blame that Dam* Back Seat of My Dad's '72 Buick LeSabre!! So Big and Comfortable!!Smile
ROFLMAO, y'all are making me laugh, sorry it took me so long to read this thread. I'll never forget the time as a child (elementary school), that I realized that my parents were married in March, 1953, and my oldest brother was born July, 1953, of course I had to ask my mom, lol.

I was the youngest child and only girl. I married on my 16th birthday, had my only child almost 7 yrs. later. I was married to him for 21 yrs., but was only with him for 15,lol. We could'nt decide if we should divorce or just remain living apart and seeing our new partners. Funny, we get along great (like brother & sister), since we are'nt together.

I enjoyed hearing that you and Skeeter will be celebrating your 44th. anniversary, enjoy your traveling, you are so blessed.

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