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Ouch! Is this normal?
Cap believe me I am nursing it like a baby and it still hurts Sad I don't understand it though because now it is shooting major pains down into my elbow and a few inches down into my back.

I have not been to PT yet I am still waiting on the IC to approve it. I do have a app. with my PTP Monday so I am going to ask her about it and the possibility of a MRI.

What kind of injury did you have that you had to have surgery?

I am scared of going under the knife at all so I am hoping my shoulder and back can be treated and heal without surgery.
Hi Tired.....I suffered 5 body parts being injured all at once. It was like a domino effect after 20+ years of liftin from the ground up and overhead down. Part of the injury was cervical and part was left shoulder. It's so hard sometimes without tests to determine wear pain is coming from. My left shoulder had an impingement and a rotator cuff tear. The surgery and PT did more damage. I don't have full use of my arm or hand. part of this is cervical and part is from the damage to my shoulder. I hope your Dr. will order the MRI...it really sounds like shoulder to me. I have the same problem with CT scans. Holding my arm up is excruciating. Best of luck and please let us know.
Cap that sounds like me. I injured my shoulders,neck and my intire back. I was lucky that the thoracic was only a strain but not so lucky with my neck and lumbar Sad. Now just to find out what is up with my shoulder and see if it is what is making my elbow hurt to.

I wish you the best and hope that one day you will have use of your full body again Smile

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