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Ouch! Is this normal?
Ok just got back from the PM doctor and he set me up for next week to start the ESI's. However today he gave me a bunch of little shots in the back of the shoulder's and neck and one in the back of the head because of the muscle spasms and headaches. I had never had this done before this is a first for me and my question is has anyone ever had major pain afterwords? There is the one spot to the right on the back of my head that is pounding and stabbing. It is a area about the size of a quarter and feels like a knife stabbing me over and over again. Other than that the shots seemed to have worked because the pain in my neck is gone now and it was horrible before he did it.

So has anyone else had this done and if so did you have a pain like this after? As I am sitting here typing this the pain is spreading in the right side of my head and is causing a funny feeling in my right eye.
call your Doc and see if this is normal
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Doc said it is not common but also not abnormal and should go away within 24 hours. I sure hope so because it feels like I have a migrane on the right side of my head Sad. It also doesn't help that I cannot get my meds he gave me for pain because they have to have prior authorization Sad
What was in those little shots he gave you??? Was it botox injections? I always hated having to have the ic authorizations. Sometimes I would wait for hours at the pharmacy as it was 1 1/2 hours from my home where I had to go get it filled near my PM doctors office. See if they can give you a few months authorizations at a time as sometimes my adjuster would do. It was nice and helped alot to not have to wait for them as long. Sometimes they would authorize 3 months at a time. See if it can be done to make life easier on you.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
I will have to check and see if they will do that. I don't think my odds are to good though because I had to fight jut to get my WC claim number. I called the head office asking for it and was told that I didn't need it and to have the doctor to just call them for it themselves. They seem so stingy with everything. I am not sure what was in the shots I just know that they went right into the muscle and they only really hurt in a couple of places (one made me scream out loud) he said I was having alot of spasms and that it would help. The shots also made me light headed and sleepy and now I am very sore from it . The pain in my head let up a little after my nap.
I don't think I will ever let him do it again because I am miserable now Sad.

I also wanted to say sorry for coming on here and freaking out at first it was just so late I didn't think the doc office was still open but I got lucky and someone was still in there Smile
Welcome to the forum!

No need to apologize, we've all been there.
Thanks bummer I have to ask is there any secret of getting through this? I am going on week 5 now and I feel like I am going to lose my mind dealing with the IC people Sad.....I have a attorney but it just doesn't seem like he has done anything yet. At least nothing that I have noticed.
I have had 2 of the ESI's and at the injection point I had and still have a really sharp pain. So I made them stop the injections. I think they might have damaged me but the doc can't explain why I have the pain.
The key to success with work comp is having patience.

Things move slow with work comp.

Try to relax and take one day at a time.

I understand it is not easy when you are hurting, been there!
c0436 Wrote:I have had 2 of the ESI's and at the injection point I had and still have a really sharp pain. So I made them stop the injections. I think they might have damaged me but the doc can't explain why I have the pain.

Not sure what kind of shots these were I just know they went into the muscle and he said he was giving them to me because of the muscle spasms and headaches I was having. Of course it feels worse now Sad

What you said about the pain after the injections is what I am afraid of I mean I already have horrible pain now and I can't imagine it getting worse.

I am worried though how do I tell them I don't want to go through with it without it hurting my case?

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