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Update on me....
WOOHOOOOOOOO!! Red....that's great news. You're in great hands. He is looking out for you. Long road but you'll make it.Smile
Great news Red!

Time for the HAPPY DANCE!!!
I am so sorry I missed your phone call the other day. I was so tied up that week I did not know which end was up or down. Tami would still like for you to come down and spend some time with us. She told me to remind you of that. Her husband is coming in from Afgahanstan around Sept. 3rd and they are going to Vegas to celebrate hubbie's BD and her youngest daughter is turing 21 and both their birthdays are on Sept. 13th. I saw you views some of her girls pics on facebook and commented about them. Yes, she does have 2 beautiful daughters and they are her life. Her hubbie usually comes home for about a month and then after that she is alone in her house. She would love to have you and I would get to spend some time with you also. I sure wish this could be a possibility for all of us. You think about it as you have the open invitation to come spend some time down here with Tami and myself. I know you have a lot going on right now and I understand you need to get things in proper order. We want you to think about it and if and when you decide you might want to come, you just let us know. Take care of you first and foremost as you are very important to all of us. We all love you dearly and want you to be well and whole again. May the good Lord wrap you in his loving arms and carry your through this difficult time. Love ya sister and call if you need anything.

Cajun Hugsssssssssssssss,
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