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"I know MRSA"
It is staggering the number of post surgical infections. I dont really fit with the theme of this board, that's why I am leaving this last post, "I know MRSA". You can search and always find this post and me, should the need arise.

Before I go I would just like to warn that your treatment to return you to work can end up in a fight for your life. So you should prepare for any surgery but demanding a pre-op culture and decolonization if you test posititve. If you test negative and the site becomes infected it is at the cost of the hospital to treat you. There are lawyers. The really sad thing is the employers have no clue it is their dime paying for this negligence. The picture below is of gangrene. The black area is necrotized skin on her cheek with a hole all the way through to inside her mouth.

I was placed in a room with a MRSA patient after my back surgery ! I was so pissed and demanded another room ! What the heck were they thinking ?
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
My Best to You and Yours Always Postman, and We are Here if Needed!!Wink

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