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Question about back injury
My mom bent over to pick something up and she said her lower back seized up. She said that the pain wraps around from her back to her belly. As long as she's moving she's ok. I've had (have) back injuries, but I've never had it move around to my stomach. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? She did this on her own time, she has no insurance and she is too stuborn to go to the dr until she absolutely has to. She's using ice and acetomenophen (she can't take ibuprofen) and taking warm showers.
I appreciate any ideas anyone has!

ksgirl....hubby's belly hurt before his back did when he was injured. Started to have probelms again recently with his belly. All Dr.s are saying it's coming from his back. Keep an eye on her. He had 4 herniations. I don't wish this on her , I just want you to be aware. Keep us posted.

Thanks for your reply Cap. I'm worried about her because she's so stubborn and she lives a thousand miles away from me. I didn't know what could cause the stomach to hurt. She said there's no pain going down her leg, but the toe next to the little toe hurts. I really do appreciate replies on this one.
mu hubby fell about a month ago and had a compound fracture of L1 hes belly hurt so bad i was scared he busted something in there when he landed on that ladder so i guess it go es with that . mine didnt it was my hip i just knew i needed a hip replacment . we hope your mom can get the help she needs tell her shes in our prayers
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

Good morning.......I jus thave to say it amazes me with back injuries. Everyone seems to be different in where they first felt the pain. My hips were on fire, hubby it was his belly. Sometimes this is what takes time to even look at a back injury. Same with the upper body. Cervical? shoulder? both? Referred pain is so hard at times to track down.

Please let us know how mom is ksgirl Sad

Hopefully she just Over -Strained a muscle ,That happened to me a few year,s ago.
Doc said "You over Extened a Muscle". A couple of good backrub,s (those are alway,s nice) Relaxed in a hot tub for a few day,s and I was fine.
She will be in our prayer,s.
But let us know how she is doing.
On The Road to Recovery
Thanks everyone for all of the info and concern. Mom says it is a little better today, not seizing up like it was. Hopefully it is just a pulled muscle. After what I and so many of you are going through I was worried.

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