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what is settlement based on?
how does my attorney figure what my case is worth? we go to mediation tuesday. i talked to my attorney on phone this afternoon, he told me what he thought, then i relayed info to my boyfriend and he thought the high number was too low. since i am going to have permanent restrictions, will lose my career and have to go back to school. and i haven't got paid from wc since i was out of work. now i just dont know what to do. advice anyone?
I'm not Familiar with Georgia w/c Laws, and Hopefully Someone who is May be along Soon, but it Does Depend on Many Variables. Some States allow Negotiation, and Some are Based Solely on the Percentage Established for Your Injury that You should have Obtained when Placed at MMI, and a IRE Performed. I Wish I could Help More, but I'm Sure Someone with More Info. than I will be along Soon!Wink

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