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LSI- Laser Spine Institute..
Has anybody heard of them and any info.....A friends knows somebody that has been treated by them and just curious about them. I have been on thier web site but wanted kind of a hands on expierence...
Yes, quite familiar and I'd rather not offer my opinion in a public forum but you might search on the infamous Dr. Bonati relationships with the various states legal systems yourself, it is easily available, and draw your own conclusions.
I can tell you that Laser spine surgery does not offer any advantages over traditional open procedures as far as outcomes are concerned based on any of the studies to date.
Hi Bronco, I Hope You are Well!! My Microdiscectomy only left about a 4 Inch Scar in My Lower Back, and I Believe they Removed the Half of My Disc at L5/S1, and also did My Laminectomy though that Small Incision, but I don't think it was Laser. Any Time You have to Deal with a Major Part of Your Body, such as Spine, Heart, etc. it's always Good to Explore All Possibilities, and to be Wary of anything that has not been being Used Extensively, and with a Good Track Record. My type of Surgery has a Great Success Rate, but We didn't know about My Body Producing Excessive Scar Tissue, it was My First Surgery!! Best of Luck, and Please let Us know what You find Out!!Wink
Thanks Still, Cycler.

That name looks very familiar and If my memory serves me well he is not a favorite on here........Just a thought was rolling in my head for a friend knows of this place............I will do some more searching...................Thanks again............Bronco
Bronco, I do believe the LSI used to sponsor this forum and they were very helpful in answering spine related questions from injured workers. They never initiated a solicitation for surgery from LSI; however, if someone asked specifically about their facility they had to contact them off the forum.

Most Insurance Companies use an MPN and unless LSI is in the MPN they cannot be used. I doubt that any MPN would carry them. Most of their clients are "self-paid", and most injured workers cannot afford that type of expense.
Let Go, and Let God......
If I remember correctly, Punk sent her records, MRI, CT etc to them for a consult , but I do not know the outcome.

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