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Form 30 C
Hi, I made the first step in making a claim for WC. I sent CT workmens comp. and the company I work for a form 30 C. Certified and return receipt so there will be no question of they got it. Well, I checked on line tonight and it seems the WC people of CT signed for there letter but my company did not. The postman left a notice for them that there is certified mail for them at the post office. They got this mail at 3:45 pm this afternoon. Funny that there wasn't anyone at the office to sign for it? Is this the first sign of a fight that there will be? I have proof that it was mailed. What if they never pick it up? Form 30 C is a Notice of Claim for Compensation! I'm not out of work as of yet. I'm asking for them to accept the claim and pay my Dr. visits and what the rest might be down the road.
if you are off work they'll begin paying within 28 days or they will send you a denial.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
1171 Wrote:if you are off work they'll begin paying within 28 days or they will send you a denial.

I'm not out of work, but I have been having injections into my elbow about three times now.

I'm still working with a splint/brace on my elbow, still doing the work that caused Tennis Elbow in the first place.

I want them to except the claim and pay for my medical expense now and if the future if I ever do have surgery.

Does that make any sense? Kinda wondering why I even bothered since my insurance covers it. If I had to had the surgery, I would of been out on FMLA instead of WC and I guess that's why I filed the claim. FMLA you don't get a paycheck or a part of one at least.

I don't want to be putting the cart before the horse either. Guess it's a waiting game.

Did you see my other post about them not signing for the certified letter I sent them the other day? I should of figured that. Now I really have a feeling they will be fighting me all the way with this. Might have a heart attack if they don't.
Did You Report Your Injury to Your Employer? If so, why didn't they File the Claim? The First Step is to go to Your Employer and Explain Your Injury, and if they Deny to Apply for You, You do it Yourself, and then w/c will Investigate and Come Up with a Decision. Maybe the Mail Carrier couldn't find anyone to Sign for the Letter, or maybe All Certified Letters need to be Picked up at the Post Office, where I Live it's that Way. My Very Best, and I Hope You don't get too much Run-Around!Wink
Hi Limbo,

Yes I reported my injury to my company. Also filled out a request of treatment form from my Dr. I wonder if that is a good sign I got that far. The woman at the Dr. office told me it was. I was told by WC the first step was to send the 30C to cover my butt just in case my company didn't file the first injury for me. I expect the worst from them, I'm not well liked there if that has anything to do with anything. Most of the people, like my family has told me to expect a fight. Hope not! Your right about the post office, plus it was a Friday.


If you have proof it was mailed, that's all you need. Stop worrying and wait for a letter from the I/C now, giving you either an acceptance letter, or a denial/delay letter for your claim. The letter will explan everything and if you don't understand sometihing; come back here and ask or call your claims examiner directly and ask him/her.
Let Go, and Let God......

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