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Jayne's Daughter
Jayne's daughter Rebecca is quite ill, she is in the hospital and they are not sure what is going on . They will be doing test in the morning. Rebecca is lossing blood and they don't know why or where. She is to get three units tonight. Please pray for both of them.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
My familys prayers are on the way. Hope the doctor find the problem soon and can fix it quickly
OMGosh, I'm praying they find the problem quickly. We've got you and Becca in our prayers sweetie. Stay strong and let us know what's going on when you can. Call me if you need to talk or to update the forum I will be happy to do anything I can. If your son should need a babysitter let me know I can handle that too if need be.

Love ya,
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My Lord, did this just happen yesterday? I spoke to Jayne yesterday around lunch time and she said nothing to me. Please let me know when this happened. In fact Jayne was going to see about her Dad at the nursing home who was giving the nurses hell and she was going to try and calm him down. A while back Becca was sick with ulcers. I wonder if this is happening again. I will wait to hear more from you as to when this happened. Definately praying for that poor girl. Thanks and God bless you. Love ya girl!

Cajun Hugssssssssssssss,
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MJC- Rebecca has had problems for the last year but has gotten worse in the last few days. Yesterday her heart rate went up to 160 and I advised Jayne to take her to the hospital. She was admitted and they are going to scope her to see if they can find out what is causing the problem, if I here from Jayne I will come on and post.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
I spoke with Jayne this morning, I believe she said they were on the 2nd unit of blood this am.

Jayne did sound tired, said she's seen the inside of every hospital in the tri-state area this summer.

Please keep them in your prayers.
talked with Jayne just a few minutes ago and she sounded very tired, Rebecca was getting blood and they had brought her breakfast so the test hve been put off until tomorrow. Will check with her again later in the day.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
When My Son was about Twenty, He got Flu Like Symptoms and got so Bad We took Him to the Emergency Room! They told Him He had the Flu, gave Him Script, and sent Him Home, On the Way Home I Looked in the Rear View Mirror and He Actually Looked like He was Dying!! I turned and went Back, and they Found He was Bleeding Internally from His Internal Organs, and was sent Directly to Intensive Care!! I Spent 7 Days in that Unit, Sleeping on a Chair, and I believe He had a Total of 6 Pints of Blood before the Bleeding Stopped, they Used Very Strong Anti-Biotics also! To this Day We never got a Reason for this, but He's 30 Now, and it never Happened again!! My Prayers My Friend, Your Plate has been Full Lately, just know I'm only a Phone Call or PM Away!!!Wink
NOTHING is harder on us parents than when our children are suffering. Will be praying for your family Jayne.
Let Go, and Let God......
Prayers being said that the Dr's find out the cause and she is soon on the road to recovery. Jayne it seems like it never rains but it pours.

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