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IME exam not favorable Lawyer says cash settlement??
You need to tell us, about how you were injured and when.

In Illinois, your doctor holds more Credibility, then the IME.

There has to be more to this, as why the Attorney you have is rushing into a settlement.

Has anything as for treatment to your neck been brought up? like surgery or anything?
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This is more about me. I have been employed for about 10 yrs at the same company. I have seen my primary care doctor for Right shoulder neck and hand pain for about 8 years. I had EMG'S done lots of muscle relaxants and tons of PT. I left my workplace in Aug 07. I had horrible hand neck and shoulder pain. I was in such pain I could not write with a pen. It frightened me and I new I had pain meds at home to take. I went to my primary docters pa the next day. She had me scheduled for mri, emg, and to a spine and pain management doctor. I received tons of injections, PT and then my Emg's showed carpel tunnel and ulner nerve entrapment. I had surgery on both. MRI showed extruded disks in my cervical spine. At this time someone asked if I had filed a work comp case. I never even thought about it. I went to a lawyer and they told me to file a accident report at work for work comp case. I filed one applied for soc sec and was denied. I still get injections and have had my IME that was bad. My spine Dr told me yesterday at a appointment that he would order a new MRI a new EMG and come in to talk with his psychologist. I Really broke down yesterday and explained the IME and that I have bills coming out the yang I feel very very stressed and helpless. So thats kinda where I am at...... Pain and Very Stresses about all of this ....
Big Grin 
Oh I forgot one good thing out of yesterday..... My spine dr gave me a hug yesterday and said we stand behind you and your not crazy
Why are you filing under workers comp ?
Should I Not be?
you haven't' indicated any work injury, only that you began hurting and had a job. Not the same thing. Is there an injury ?
Cycler has a Very Good Point there. Did an Actual Injury Occur that Caused You the Pain and Injury You have? Did You Report it to Your Supervisor when it Happened? Or are You going on the Assumption that this Injury is a Repetitive One, because You Started having the Pain after 2 Years Working with the Company? Did You Appeal the SSDI Decision? Sorry so Many Questions, but We need Info. such as this to try and get as Close to an Accurate Answer as Possible!Wink

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