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in ct my foot was crushed severly will i get disfigurement and scaring
In ct my foot was crushed severly will i get disfigurement and scaring i have scaring from muscle they needed and skin graphs from my thigh. I lost 49.9% of the use of my foot i have not gotten a lawyer yet because wc has been exceptable to deal with to this point. I will only be getting 62 weeks of pay which is nothin im a mother of 3 young ones and now ther are many things that i will not be able to do. i will have to keep my case open for further problems. down the road.

I'v been on wc for over 3 years and the hole time i never go cost of living raise am i illegible for that i would like to get as mush as i can from these ppl as i can before i get a lawyer

this hole thing has been a struggle for both my husband and myself and are kids.i under stand that i do need a lawyer and will get one but dont want to give him what i deserve.
we wanted to by a house but the banks will not except that what i take home every week from wc is income, can i get a lump some and keep my medical open. we are renting right now and i dont want my money to go to are landlord they been getting it for the last three years .i f ther is anyone knows of a vary good lawyer please let me know any help would be vary appriciated thank you all so much for your help. And i am a member of local 42 IBEW MANCHESTER CT

connecticut only awards disfigurement to those bodily areas where there has not been any functional loss.

you should contact your union, they often have arrangements with specialty lawyers for areas like workers compensation.
you can find out more about Connecticut comp benefits here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
my foot was crushed and they needed muscle and skin from my inner thigh not part of the injury but was a fix to the injury and now im scarred scare is 20" long
What Now, What Now.? Sorry I had too..

But I just want to welcome you to the forum. Do some reading here as I have you will learn lots from these good people... I do want to say I'm sorry to hear of your problems I was on ttd as well and never got any kind of raise due to cost of living but maybe our state laws are different..
I have not been through that my self yet but I too have some nasty scars. Mine are probably total about 60 inches worth, but have been told if they are visable and would cause wage loss or from permitting you to keep or get a job then they would consider it to be figured in. I have 2 scars accross my fore head wich lead behind my left ear, Ugly as all heck but still am modeling for the chipndales.
But then again Wisconsin laws may be different...........
----I do wish you the best of luck, and at these times a lot of people dont have jobs and have children to care for--- It is hard to cope sometimes...................God Bless.
I don't think any WC pays for cost of living. In IL WC is figured on your 52 weeks pay before you were injuried and no cost of living increases. Also here your lawyer can only get a share of the money over what is offered to you before you hire one and it looks like you might want to get one long before you are talking about settling your case. You want open medical and I'm not sure in your state but you will need a lawyer to get that. One questions is why do you think a lawyer is getting money they don't deserve? A good lawyer is worth every penny he gets, I can understand you want as much as you can get but remember WC is not set up to make anybody rich. Sorry for your injury and I hope some of what I said will help. Good luck

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