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workers comp claim against prior employer
I worked at a local bank approximately six years ago. I began to experience some discomfort in my hands. I wrote it off as due to age (46) and fatigue. I was working long hours at the time. This was never reported as a potential claim to my previous employer. Not related to my hand problems, I later terminated employment and returned to college for two years. For the last four years I have been teaching elementary school. My hands have progressive gotten worse. It has reached the point I need medical treatment. I have medical coverage, but I suspect they will disallow claims calling them work related. Do I need to put my previous bank employer on notice?
Can their workers comp carrier still be liable even though it has been over six years and notice was never given?
Should I proceed directly to my current employer?
I believe your suspicions are in error. Even if there was a connection of some kind there are no work comp benefits available.
it depends on your state but most statutes of limitation on comp claims have long expired.
whether your current employment has contributed to your current condition is really a medical decision that is best made by a doctor.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
We don't know what State you are from, and the statue of limitations varies by State. However, given the long time period since you first had hand problems, I would say the statue of limitations has expired.

Report the problem to your current employer and have them send you to a workers's comp doctor. The doctor will report whether your injury is work related to your current position. If WC denies your claim, then you are free to be treated by your private insurance.
Let Go, and Let God......

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