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WC continues to deny benefits against commish recommendation
I am in CT. WC suddenly shut off my benefits without a hearing or a form 36, five weeks after my injury on May 9. I had an IME that causally related the injury at work to my symptoms, even though it mostly denied the severity of my injury. The same day as the IME, there was an emergency hearing, with my atty, their atty, myself, and a commissioner. At this hearing the benefit shutoff was discussed. Their atty said 'we are offering two weeks benefits without prejudice'. My attorney objected and said they were improperly withholding benefits. The commissioner agreed and 'recommended' that they continue benefits and provide the back benefits. I asked my atty if this meant that I would get my money, and she said they would be stupid not to comply with the recommendation. Well they did not comply with the recommendation, which apparently is their option since it was a recommendation and not an order. I am receiving two weeks benefits and that's it. My next hearing is 8/12. Is it possible that at that time the commissioner can order them to pay the arrears? ARRRRRGHHHH.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated...
Hello. You to? Haven't had no check since 07-08. No treatment since 03-08. This is cruel, and undue hardship to be place upon honest hard working injuried worker. I'm in La. and I'm really on the edge of losing it, Mentally. It is good for me to know that it isn't me. That I'm able to come to this site. Prayin that there is an end to all of the pain.

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