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We are in Liberal Kansas........We came for our adopted son and daughter to meet a brother (they share the the father)We picked the wrong week......Its kids baseball tournament time.cage fight nite and a once a year sale going on downtown.....
We get in last night and they have put us in smoking rooms......I cannot abide the smell of smoke it chokes me........ in fact that part of the hotel reeked of stale smoke......when you went in the room it hit you in the face like a slap.........We go down stairs and explain we booked non smoking rooms and the ones they gave us were smoking rooms........they say you were booked thru expedia and they didnt book you non smoking rooms and we are full....I call expedia and get there phone center in India(thank you clinton)and of course get someone I cant understand...I try and explain and they say ....weah bookee you rooma no smokee......they talk to the hotel and still no satifaction...I asked to speak to expedias manager...I wait 15 minuets and get another one who says .........weah bookee you rooma no smokee..no our fault...I ask to please speak to someone who is familiar with the english language....I finally get a female who at least is semi understandable and she says we get you you 2 -100 gift vouchers for next time you bookee with us....I ask her what the hell she is smoking cuz I am never booking with these people again....I want another set of rooms no smoking in this town now...............no moree roomee in that cityyyyyyyyyyyyyy no where must be small cityyyyyyyyyyy yes? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by this time Becca is on another line trying to get someone who speaks english.she fails..and thanks to ex president clinton and his freaking nafta agreement all call centers are in bum suck egypt............The hotel here is able to get me one non smoking king room with a recliner my son slept in and they come up and strip the room spray and redo all the linen in the other room.........so I am happy with super 8 just not with expedia they can kiss my big fat left buttock...Adin the "A" word really fitted better here....I called I emailed now I wish I could do a whole freaking web site to how much these people pissed me off.......I did get an email back...that said something very nasty with a hot mail web addy a few minutes after I hung up with expedia.........it was the first laugh I had had in 2 hours.........I wish I could have just unloaded a B-51 in their call center.......any how this morn we are off to see Dorthys house and the Wizard of oz museum to try and salvage this trip....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

looks like you have had a bad hair day sorry
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
You haf gret timmee Yayne, an fambly ! We yeaf ya lytes on fer ye!

LyLy Smile (LILLY)
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Jayne, now you need to head towards Wichita to Bummer's house.

I live in a smoke free enviroment!
I learned my lesson years ago, I never book anything through any booking agents. I deal direct with the hotels ,airlines etc, Have gotten some very good deals, Like the motel in Florida for $48.00 a nite ,poolside and that included the taxes, We also stayed in Comfort Inns ,Clarion etc and for very good prices. Clean and comfortable. I don't smoke but the others did, so we asked for smoking rooms. Believe me I have smelled things alot worse than Cigarette smoke. Besides we weren't in the rooms that long. It may take a little time to check out motels on the internet, but well worth the trouble, Sorry they gave you such a bad time.
I Hope the Rest of Your Trip is Much Better, and next Time try AAA, I Booked Vegas with them Twice, and had Great Results!! And You don't have to be a Member to Use Their Trip Centers!! I Priced with other Agents also, and AAA was Priced Accordingly!!Wink
Tuffy 2 of my daughters are severly allergic we are talking ER and breathing treatments allergic of smoke and perfumes...this is the first and last time I have used this expedia and will bad mouth their customer service to anyone I can...Shaelynn can walk by someone outside smoking and start wheezing...I carry a breathing treatment machine and meds everywhere we go...some perfumes are a migrain ready to happen....Docs say we are breeding a generation of super allergic children because of pollution.......crazy isnt it.......but your right I will call ahead next time
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

we have left motels before because of the smoke skeeter cant be closed up around it either, they dont like it but oh well dont lie to me about the rooms either give me what i ordered or my money back better than a visit to ER
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Jayne.Jayne.Jayne , now dont be smashing clinton after all it's not Bills fault his wife made him do the things she wanted.........LOL. Honestly I liked Bill I would say he more human, and he just got caught........Just imagine what the public dont hear about with any of our previous Presidents...........

But try to whip this in to shape so you can enjoy what you got left. And this is to weird cause I was just talking /typing to Still about the same problems I have with asthma........................So I really do klnow what your talking about.........Take care and make sure they got inhalers on them........................................Bronco
got a med bag that is full of crap first time you end up in the ER with a kid turning colors cuz they cant breathe you learn really quick never be without a breathing machine and an invertor in the car so where ever we are we can get em going long enough to get to help.......God help us to explain all this stuff if we ever get pulled over and searched
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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