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AQA Wrote:A form 33 is a request that a claim have a hearing.

First off, there will be no "settlement" with out an impairment.

Second, why would the IC want to settle without a rating????? HHHMMMM?????
The only reason I can see that they would is because they want to save money.
Lets say if your injury might gat a 10% rating when all is said and done. The IC knows this. With what you are doing, they would only offer the amount for a 3% rating. Think about it. What do they have to loose????? HHHMMMM???? Nothing.

I know you have an attorney. I hope is a good one and is not only looking for money. If you think about it. the way you are going about this. The attorney can settle your claim and get his/her money with minimal work and the IC can do the same with a much lower pay out.

Good Luck and Take Care

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