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Having an ice cream attack
Ok everyone I,am having an attack and am going to run out to get some Butter Pecan,
Tuffy...get some for me. I don't need it, but I would love to join you in attacking it. lol..Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
My favorite ice cream treat is butter pecan with frozen cool whip on top. You made me want to go get some!
You ladies are doing nothing for my hips let me tell you. I love chocolate sundaes - nope nope I am not going to do it.

Tuffy...That is just to funny...Last night at about 8:30pm I am telling my husband I am going to Dairy Queen for ice cream. But I had a peanut butter cup milk shake. One of my medications makes me crave sweets....I was never one to eat them like I do now. I don't keep it in the house....it wouldn't last 24 hours. And I swear it was still 99 degrees so the nice cold milk shake was so good.

Big Grin

God bless hubby! He ran to Dairy Queen the other night and got the diabetic one of those new waffle bowls. Oh my was it dreamy.

Ok...all you gals who have put a few more inches on your waist or hips, it is morning and I dreamed about icecream last night. That just isn't fair. I dream and you eat...have any of you had home made ice cream. Now that is the best. I love banana, peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate...it is all sooooooooo good.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red That is what I should have done ( was dream ) No not me! I had to run to Dairy Queen at 9pm Order a large Hot Fudge Banana Split and I ate every bite. Now ya all know why I don,t keep it in the house! because it wouldn't last, So instead I make an Ice Cream run maybe 3 times in the summer months. Less weight gain that way.

There is nothing better or more fun than Home made Ice Cream, When I was a kid ( Many ,many years ago) we went to granparents farm on sundays and had Ice cream the really old fashioned way, Ice chopped from the block, salt and lots of cranking, Those were the fun days, Now ya can,t get the kids pried away from the computers or Vedio games or to go anywhere without there cell phones ringing. Lord they don,t know what they are missing, .So sad,
Well better get down off my box before I fall and reinjure my back or worse yet break my Bu--.
Oh those were the fun days. Home made ice cream, a good game of horse shoes and mom's home made apple pie. Oh geez it is 9:00 in the morning and I want a hot pie alamode. I'm beginning to sound like my kids/grandkids.

Yes...homemade ice cream...my favorite...vanilla with fresh strawberries right out of the garden. Oh how I miss going to Grandma's house. We have such a big family my grandma had one crank ice cream maker...but then had two electric ones.

The other day I seen one of these ice cream makers that was a ball you just toss it around and after awhile of tossing you have homemade ice cream. My boys would of loved that. Have any of you tried one of those. Some of the things they think of of.

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